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  • Hi! I'm Tim from BBC Learning English,

  • here to tell you about two words we use to say

  • that things are similar.

  • We use 'like' as a preposition

  • before a noun or pronoun, and it means 'similar to'.

  • He ran like the wind.

  • Not: He ran as the wind.

  • We use 'like', and not 'as', to compare appearances.

  • This house looks like a castle.

  • 'As' can be used as a preposition.

  • It means 'in the role of'.

  • Dan,

  • as your friend I have to say you're not a good singer.

  • We often use 'as' to talk about people's jobs.

  • I work as an actor.

  • Be careful using 'like' and 'as'

  • because the meaning can change:

  • 'As your brother, I'll try to help you'

  • means 'I actually am your brother'.

  • Change it to 'like', and it means

  • 'I'm not your brother but I want to act in a similar way'.

Hi! I'm Tim from BBC Learning English,

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Like and As - English In A Minute

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