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  • Welcome to Narita!

  • Today we're gonna show you around the temples here.

  • It's really easy to get to, it's only one train station away from the airport.

  • And it's one of our favorite temples to come to because not a lot of people know about it because they always go to the one in the Tokyo area.

  • And so, this one is not as crowded at the other temples that you visit in Japan, so it's perfect.

  • And it's also very popular during New Year's.

  • I think it's the number two temple that the Japanese go to during the New Year's.

  • So I would kind of avoid going during New Year's unless you really like being in crowded areas.

  • - Yeah. but other than that it's usually pretty chill here. - Yeah so let's go check it out!

  • This is Narita's mascot.

  • A lot of cities in Japan have their own mascot, which is kinda hilarious.

  • I'm going to try some... what is this?

  • Kuri.

  • - Kuri.- Kuri.

  • We'll see how it is, I've never had it actually.

  • Interesting. Hahaha.

  • - Oishii! - Oishii!

  • So, I'm gonna get some yaki dango. It's one of my favorites.

  • It's rice that's patted down like a million times... well its probably not a million times...

  • I don't really know how many times... anyways, it's very chewy, so yeah... that's what I'm gonna get right now.

  • So, this i what I got, the pumpkin flavor.

  • It's really good.

  • - So we made it. - Yay! We made it to the temple.

  • This is the entrance right here.

  • It's not that bad of a walk. I wanna say it's like 10-15 minutes.

  • But you're probably gonna most likely stop along the way try some food.

  • There's a lot of good stuff: some eel cutting...lots of little souvenir shops.

  • So, it'll probably take 20-30 minutes..

  • Or you can just go back up after you're done viewing the temple.

  • Whatever you wanna do. Hahaha.

  • This right here is smoke healing your body, so like whenever you have like aches or pains somewhere, you just put this smoke on you.

  • Like my back hurts, so I'm putting it on my back and it's supposed to help you heal your bad aching parts.

  • Alright, so I'm going to do some omikuji: It's like a fortune telling thing.

  • So you put 100 yen here.

  • And you just pick a number... I'm gonna go with 74.

  • You just take that piece of paper and.... Oh no! I got bad luck.

  • I usually get good luck!

  • So, what you do with this is you fold it up and then you put it on a tree that they have or like a little gate with the strings so that your bad luck will not happen.

  • So, let's hope for that.

  • Whoooo!! It says I have excellent luck.

  • Hope you enjoyed the tour of Narita Temple.

  • We had so much fun as usual, so hope you have fun too if you come visit.

  • Laters!

Welcome to Narita!

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The Perfect Way To Spend a Layover in Japan - Narita Shinshoji Temple

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