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  • Yeah, all I see is a basket and Chopstick

  • 00:00:31,779 --> 00:00:33,779 Uh won ton

  • Okay, my sister does this way. [oh], she does that

  • Let's go

  • Well, yeah

  • Because I eat them all the time in China, right mommy?

  • red hello

  • What do I do with him? Sh-should we put in should we put him in to make him smart jail?

  • Hey, well, course we do

  • especially if you talked chinese

  • He does know [oh]

  • It has chocolate in it. What is that? no, what is that? is that meat?

  • Yeah, it's meat. Hold on hold on hold on

  • Break it apart now

  • Some kind of poo?

  • Hmm feel bad for them but I hope one day they learn. They asked me to teach, I'm out

  • now can I look?

  • Yeah

  • ooh

  • This looks...bad

  • I'm eating paper now?

  • Hey mom, remember this yeah? yeah

  • Oh, it"s rice! oh, it's meat. Oh

  • You said Bamboo, right?

  • Is there a panda here? panda?

  • Get a Panda, give me my doh- you ate my dumpling?

  • You ate it. I can't stand it this guy. I can't stand him

  • wait, is it seriously jellyfish? Oh it's a vegetable isn't it oh?

  • enough with these lies. Jellyfish not even have hearts or brains

  • that's what makes them crazy, and how could it even move without brains?

  • The only one the big is alive the jellyfish the jellyfish

  • now

  • Ha ha ha I'm so happy. It looks like a twisted home a

  • Twisted Baby's home. Oh oh

  • Oh, whoo. Well it looks like?

  • Okay, ha ha

  • You have scarred me for life. I open my eyes, and I see a dead duck staring right at me

  • You guys tricked me [on] this one everybody look love you. Have dug heads here anybody want anybody [Wanna] eat a duck head shark

  • I'll anything oh

  • my gosh [clothes] I

  • Can't believe this is the dog head

  • Murderer I hated the duck head

  • The head is cut off

  • No, no, no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • [well] good

Yeah, all I see is a basket and Chopstick

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Chinese Food | American Kids Try Food from Around the World - Ep 6 | Kids Try | Cut

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