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  • So in the last video we talked about "misery."

  • How to obtain misery, to be more specific.

  • Well in this one, we have a simple guide.

  • A guide that you can use to remain poor for the rest of your life.

  • So buckle up, and listen carefully, because there's nothing better than being miserable, except being miserable and broke.

  • And if by any chance you do not want to follow this advice that will surely lead you to your financial demise, and if by any chance you are sick of being poor and having a poor person's mentality, than you can always try the opposite.

  • So, let's begin.

  • First, resist any change.

  • If you are poor or you're not happy with your financial situation, then simply do as you did.

  • Simply think as you thought and resist any change.

  • Because your thoughts and actions are the very reason you're poor in the first place, so you might as well just walk the already known- tried and true path.

  • Follow it strictly and do not wander around because if you accidentally change something you might get a different result.

  • And that is a big no-no.

  • So stay away from books, seminars, videos that teach you investing, making and managing money. Stay away from courses and new ideas.

  • Yes, I mean who would ever need to learn about managing money?

  • You already know that, right?

  • Second, and by far the most important one, is your mindset, or what you think about money.

  • And what you think about money should be somewhere between the lines that money is the root of all evil, all CEO's are greedy bastards, more money more problems, and money and wealth only come to the chosen ones, and unfortunately you haven't been lucky enough to be one of them.

  • Be skeptical and pessimistic.

  • Multiple Income Streams?

  • Surely it can't be possible right?

  • And to supplement this beautiful state of mind, adopt the "something for nothing mentality."

  • Forget the fact that money comes as a monetary equivalent for a certain value you provide to the world.

  • But instead, think of money as something you should acquire without giving anything in return.

  • Hence something for nothing.

  • So from now on, you don't solve any problems, you don't serve anyone's needs, you don't do work faster and more efficient than others, you don't invent new ideas, you don't provide value, you just hope that someday, somehow, someone will give you the money you desired and you will finally become rich and wealthy.

  • Successfully distract your mind from the real practical way of building wealth.

  • And to get you started, just google: "How To Get Rich... fast".

  • Don't forget the fast part.

  • Fourth, tell yourself that you deserve to buy everything that you desire.

  • You want it?

  • Buy it.

  • Can't afford it?

  • Buy it anyway.

  • That's the only reason why god created credit cards.

  • The main point here is to always be on the negative side of the zero.

  • Instead of saving money so you can that potentially invest or start a side business, spend all of your earnings on clothes, watches, smartphones, drinking, and partying.

  • Then make this a habit. Ingrain it so deeply that you impulsively buy and spend money whenever you have some.

  • If you make this a habit, then remaining poor should be a piece of cake.

  • Which you should.. also... buy.

  • And finally, this one is pretty easy.

  • Settle for a job that you hate. Get into it by thinking that it will only be temporary, then as soon as you get your paycheck, buy stuff so that you feel good.

  • Repeat the cycle several times, and slowly but surely become complacent.

  • Work during the week so you can spend on the weekend.

  • The key point here is to choose a dead-end job that you hate, so every morning you wake up, you can feel disgusted that you need to work another day, thus making sure that you will never progress or get better at it.

  • A perfect rat race.

  • And that's it. Those are the steps tested by millions of people before you.

  • And if you are already doing some of them, then congratulations, you are on the right track.

  • Just continue ahead and you will eventually arrive at our destination.

So in the last video we talked about "misery."

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And this is why you will remain poor for the rest of your life.

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