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  • 'Idols that were born rich' No.5 on today's list

  • You'll be amazed by her lucky life

  • Are you the maknae?

  • She's gorgeous when she smiles

  • That's my friend!

  • She's even gorgeous when she eats

  • And she looks amazing even with a ridiculous wig on

  • She looks great even with that wig

  • TWICE Tzuyu is No.5 on our list

  • My friend Tzuyu~!

  • - She's known for her angelic face and devil-like body - She's gorgeous

  • She was No.2 on the "The 100 most beautiful faces of the world" ranking

  • Tzuyu is the official visual member of TWICE

  • She's gorgeous...

  • She's got the looks...

  • But she was also born in a wealthy family?

  • How is that possible?!

  • It's because of my mom

  • Who's your mama~!

  • - I'm curious - Me too

  • Tzuyu's parents used to run a night market in Taiwan

  • A night market? Is that possible?

  • Their night market was different from anything else you know

  • - Taiwan is all about night markets - Yeah they're famous

  • Because of Taiwan's tropical climate

  • Night markets are all the rage

  • And some markets are even bigger than department stores

  • So ever since she was a child

  • Her parents were extremely wealthy

  • But Tzuyu's mother didn't stop there

  • She knew the importance of beauty, maybe because of her gorgeous daughter?

  • She invested about 2.2 billion won in 3 different plastic surgery centers in Taiwan

  • And as a result... are you curious?

  • The Hallyu boom began in Taiwan

  • And getting plastic surgery to look like Korean stars became very popular

  • And the investments Tzuyu's mother made were a huge success!!

  • But that's not it!

  • Tzuyu's mother was not satisfied

  • - There's something else? - Wow...

  • She was interested in the cafe business

  • She opened a cafe in Tainan, Tzuyu's hometown

  • And the cafe was such a success, she opened a second branch only after a month!

  • One month?? It must've been a huge success!

  • Looks like Tzuyu's mother is a business god!

  • But Tzuyu must've had an impact on the cafe business as well

  • Tzuyu is beloved in Taiwan, they even call her 'The Light of Taiwan'

  • When she went to Taiwan for her school qualification examination

  • The Minister of Education came to her school

  • And the desk she signed...

  • Was displayed in her school for a while

  • Tzuyu is extremely popular in Taiwan

  • The cafe has TWICE merchandise everywhere

  • So a lot of TWICE/Tzuyu fans visit the cafe as well

  • Her mother's ideas and Tzuyu's popularity was the reason for the huge success!

  • Now Tzuyu's mother is famous in Taiwan as well

  • She's gorgeous too!

  • And they are both beautiful! This can't be fair~

  • No.5 on today's list was Tzuyu of TWICE

'Idols that were born rich' No.5 on today's list

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