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  • (piano music)

  • - [Old Woman] Colma is a very unique community.

  • We have a million and a half underground residents,

  • and 1700 living residents.

  • We have become the city of souls.

  • (guitar music)

  • My name is Pat Hatfield,

  • and I am the retired historian for the town of Colma.

  • I have lived here now for 65 years, since 1950.

  • We have now 17 cemeteries.

  • I call us the United Nations of cemeteries,

  • because we have a cemetery for everyone.

  • We have, for instance,

  • we have four Jewish cemeteries,

  • we have a Catholic cemetery,

  • a Greek cemetery,

  • an Italian cemetery.

  • (piano music)

  • And we even have a pet cemetery.

  • We have very famous people like Wyatt Earp,

  • and Joe Dimaggio,

  • and William Randolph Hearst,

  • and it just goes on.

  • We inherited hundreds of thousands of bodies because,

  • during the gold rush,

  • so many gold miners came here,

  • and with them,

  • they brought so many diseases

  • that San Francisco innocently had 27 cemeteries.

  • And they were full.

  • The city father said,

  • "Our land is to be for the living, not for the dead."

  • So, an eviction notice was passed in 1914,

  • and the bodies were slowly transferred here to Colma.

  • The Colma residents really respect our cemeteries,

  • but we call them our parks.

  • That's what they are.

  • We picnic them,

  • we walk in them,

  • our children play in them.

  • They're just a part of us.

  • We do have a slower pulse here,

  • almost dead.

  • (piano music)

(piano music)

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Welcome to the Town of the Dead

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