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  • Ten minutes Mr. Gates

  • Do you have the revisions for the opening of the show?

  • Nah, we're still making some changes

  • Am I gonna get them before the show or after the show?

  • You know the drill: you just point the camera in my direction and we'll figure it out together.

  • It always sounds so simple and yet so moronic

  • Good luck everybody.

  • Whoo!

  • Name is Lee Gates; the show is "Money Monster"

  • Who's that guy?

  • On camera two?

  • Without risk, there is no reward

  • You're lying!

  • Cut the feed!

  • Turn those cameras back on!

  • What do you want me to do?

  • Turn them on!

  • Put it up!

  • Anyone who can get out, get out right now.

  • Pick it up, put it on.

  • How do I know it won't blow up?

  • Because I have the detonator.

  • My thumb comes off this trigger and we all explode.

  • It's enough for a fireball 50 feet from center.

  • Evacuate the rest of the building

  • I can't breathe!

  • Lee. Stay calm. I'm right here.

  • I want everyone to know something.

  • I might be the one with the one with the gun here

  • but I'm not the real criminal - it's people like these guys

  • They're stealing everything from us and they're getting away with it too.

  • I'm telling you it's rigged!

  • They literally control the information.

  • My honest job pays me $14 an hour

  • How is that even fair?

  • We need help right now

  • Just tell him to keep stalling

  • They like how the math adds up

  • so they gotta keep rewriting the equation

  • Just keep talking to him - you're good at that

  • Okay, I get it, you lost some money

  • Some money?

  • You lost a lot of money

  • They tracked down his girlfriend

  • That was everything we had - every last cent!

  • What are you doing?

  • I'm not the only shareholder who got screwed over here.

  • You're the only shareholder here with a gun.

  • If we KNEW how we lost 800 million dollars we wouldn't have lost 800 million dollars.

  • He wants an explanation for what went wrong.

  • High frequency trading is so complex

  • You came here to get some answers.

  • And I can get you some answers.

  • You have to understand how delicate a situation this is

  • I'm sitting 80 feet from a bomb - don't talk to me about delicate situations!

  • We're in this together.

  • It is not the computer's fault

  • There are human fingerprints all over this.

  • Oh my god.

  • Get out of there right now, Lee!

  • You're trying to shoot him, I'm trying to save him.

  • I want an explanation, Lee!

  • I want what happened to make sense!

  • Take a deep breath

  • Lee, can you hear me?

  • Keep your finger on that button

  • I don't want you to die.

  • Take the shot!

  • You came here because you wanted people to finally listen to you.

  • Now they are.

Ten minutes Mr. Gates

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Money Monster Official International Trailer #1 (2016) - George Clooney, Julia Roberts Drama HD

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