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  • You'd be surprised to learn that a lot of money-saving options are also earth-friendly.

  • Some methods are super simple, while others may take a bit more work.

  • But if you're looking to help the planet and your wallet, here are six friendly ways to save money.

  • Paperless billing saves you monthly on stamps and allows you to set up automatic payments to avoid late fees.

  • It also saves paper and mail transportation costs.

  • You'll save on electricity you use to heat your water.

  • And less electricity usually means burning less coal.

  • If you have other commuting options, start using them once or twice a week.

  • This can be a bicycle, scooter, bus, or train.

  • Even carpooling is a net benefit for the planet.

  • Bonus: If you have a bike, cancel your monthly gym membership and get your daily exercise by biking.

  • You don't have to give up red meat entirely.

  • Instead, pick a day or two in the week to skip it.

  • Not only will it save money, it's better for your health.

  • And red meat is a huge methane contributor.

  • Solar panels are cheaper than ever.

  • Lots of people not only save money on their electricity, they end up selling excess energy back to the power company.

  • So if you have the means to buy solar panels, it's great for the environment and your wallet over time.

  • Wind, solar, and geothermal power are becoming cheaper than traditional energy providers, like coal and oil.

  • Supporting green energy with your money is a great way to help the planet.

  • Many investment providers have created socially conscious funds that you can easily join.

  • But be sure to talk to your financial advisor before making any investments.

  • It's a common myth that you have to sacrifice to help the environment.

  • There are many things that you can do today that will benefit you and the planet.

You'd be surprised to learn that a lot of money-saving options are also earth-friendly.

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6 Earth Friendly Ways to Save Money

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    Lian posted on 2019/10/29
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