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  • When it comes to Danei avocados, 說到大內的酪梨

  • there are not only avocado milk or dishes made with avocados, 除了可以作成酪梨牛奶或入菜外

  • but also cultural creative products made with avocados. 酪梨還可以做成文創商品

  • The community successfully developed these products 社區結合在地產業

  • to help boost local industries. 開發文創商品非常成功喔

  • Follow me and let's take a walk around the community. 走跟我去逛一逛社區

  • We're now here at Shizilai Community. This is the Chairman. 這裡是石子瀨社區,這位是理事長

  • Hello, Mr. Tzeng. 理事長你好

  • Hello, Katie. Hello, everyone. Katie你好,大家好

  • Mr. Tzeng, can you tell us a bit about the community? 理事長,可以幫我介紹石子瀨社區嗎?

  • Shizilai Community is located at the center of Danei District, 我們石子瀨位於大內的中心點

  • and there are 3 neighborhoods in total here. 我們這邊有三個里

  • Residents here found the community development association together. 組成社區發展協會

  • There are over four thousand residents here. 我們的人口有四千多人

  • If you walk on the street in Shizilai, you'll see the flood meter. 在石子瀨社區的街上你會發現有水尺標示

  • The Typhoon Morakot flood in 2009 caused severe damages to Danei. 原來八八水災曾經重創大內區

  • To reduce flooding in the upper stream around Shizilai, 市府為了改善石子瀨上游段水患的問題

  • the city government constructed a flood control system. 增設防洪及自主防災來改善淹水問題

  • In addition to the system set up by the city government, 除了市府的改善工程外

  • people in the community make cultural creative products 社區也將影響到曾文溪水流的甜根子草

  • with wild sugarcane, a plant that may block the river and cause floods. 這種植物堵塞河流 會造成洪水

  • We produce handmade paper 我們就是利用這種甜根子草的

  • with the stems, roots , and leaves 樹梗 樹根 跟它的葉子

  • of wild sugarcane. 我們來做手操紙

  • The handmade paper made with wild sugarcane 社區所製作的甜根子手操紙

  • has been recognized as an original local handicraft by 還被臺灣工藝研究所認定為

  • National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute. 全國首創區域特色工藝

  • The community holds hands-on activities from time to time. 社區也會不定期舉辦體驗活動

  • You can learn how to make paper with wild sugarcane 跟大家分享如何運用甜根子草製作手操紙

  • or make natural plant dyes with avocado peels. 也可以用酪梨皮製作植物染

  • People here reutilize wastes 社區將廢棄物再利用

  • and turn fruit peels into 讓沒有用的果皮變身成為

  • elegant handmade paper. 非常有質感的手操紙

  • It's an example of living a low-carbon life. 也落實低碳生活

  • Last year, the community won the 所以去年我們社區

  • National Low-carbon Community Award and was awarded a silver medal. 得到全國低碳家園銀級獎它是最高的獎項

  • In addition to cultural creative products, 除了文創商品之外

  • people in the community make tasty food with avocados. 社區也把酪梨變成美味的產品喔!

  • As you can see, here we have avocado noodles and avocado seed tea. 你看這裡有酪梨麵 也有酪梨籽茶

  • I never knew avocado seeds can be used to brew tea. It's so cool. 酪梨籽也可以變成茶 好酷喔

  • Besides, there are also handmade soap and mosquito repellents. 還有手工皂 防蚊液

  • You can try how to make handmade paper 來這裡除了可以體驗製作手操紙外

  • as well as mosquito repellents here. 也可以體驗防蚊液的製作喔

  • You can't walk outside without mosquito repellents in summer. 防蚊液是夏天隨身必備的東西

  • There are lots of mosquitos and biting midges outside in this season. 特別是到郊外 蚊子和小黑蚊都非常多

  • Now, I'm going to make a mosquito repellent by myself. 我來體驗一下防蚊液製作

  • Making mosquito repellents is quite easy. 防蚊液的製作非常簡單

  • As you can see, the materials all come from the nature. 你可以看到材料非常天然

  • Avocado noodles are made with ground avocado seeds. 酪梨麵是將酪梨籽磨成粉做成麵

  • Wow! It's really special. 哇!真的非常特別

  • You can order noodle soup or noodles served with sauce. 有湯麵和乾拌麵

  • And there are three flavors to each. 各有三種不同的口味喔

  • Keep in mind that it's not instant noodles. 提醒一下這不是泡麵喔!

  • Cook the noodles in boiling water for 7 minutes. 用熱水煮七分鐘

  • Mix the sauce and the noodles, and they are ready to serve. 加入調味包拌一拌就可以上桌囉!

  • Wow! The noodles are so elastic! 哇!這麵條好Q彈喔

  • I like the taste. 是我喜歡的口感

  • This is traditional minced pork sauce. 這是古早味肉燥

  • The sauce has an aroma that reminds people of old times. 可以吃到古早味的肉燥香

  • Wow! Avocados can be used to make lots of products. 哇!原來酪梨這麼多功能

  • We can make tea, noodles, and mosquito repellents with avocados. 可以做成茶、麵、還可以防蚊

  • It's impressive. 非常厲害

  • When you visit Danei, in addition to the avocados here, 來大內除了買酪梨外

  • you can also purchase products made with avocados! 這些酪梨的周邊商品也非常適合當伴手禮喔!

  • Make sure you take home lots of souvenirs! 來大內記得多帶一些回家!

When it comes to Danei avocados, 說到大內的酪梨

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