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  • I woke up with intense pain he was on top of me and yeah everything I guess start from there.

  • My fight against legal system struggle and society and struggle to face this instant started.

  • My name is Shiori Ito. This book is about my experience of rape.

  • So "Black Box" is the word I often heard during the investigation and prosecution.

  • Sex crime, well, the rape, sexual violence often happen behind doors and it's rare to find any witness.

  • I am on doubt that there are some black boxes in our legal system.

  • During the investigation as well. So I decided to use this word.

  • Mr. Yamaguchi used to be a former bureau chief of TBS in Washington bureau.

  • I emailed Mr. Yamaguchi whether there is any opening in the job, he said well there is opening for producers as well, and we decided meet up to discuss.

  • That was on the night I met him after work.

  • We were just eating and drink and at some point I felt quite dizzy.

  • And I went to bathroom and that was the last moment that I remember from that night.

  • It took me two days to tell even my best friend. It took me five days to go to police.

  • My biggest struggle was that I couldn't remember how I had no idea how I got to the place, the hotel.

  • And I never lost conscious after drinking. I couldn't think of him as a rapist right off.

  • I was also respecting him.

  • Unfortunately in this case never being prosecuted.

  • Prosecutor dropped this case, but now we are in a civil court case.

  • So we had a 110 year old rape law, it just changed in 2013 right after I spoke about this instance.

  • And the victim, the survivor has to be the one to report to the police.

  • We have to prove how much we fight back, how much we've been threatened.

  • And one of the research from Sweden shows that when you have been sexually violated, 70% of victims have experienced frighten in a frozen status.

  • It's quite difficult to ask especially if you're intoxicated, if you are a drunk.

  • Only 4% of victim go to police and report.

  • So... we know it's happening, but it's really rare to hear these cases.

  • I was worried about my future, my family to make any changes.

  • First we need to know what is going on and I felt that's my work.

  • In 2017, in May 29th, I've decided to speak about my experience and (had a) press conference.

  • Because I believe in journalism, I believe in speaking up. I believe in the story telling.

  • The journalist I trusted, he said you should wear a white shirt and the jacket so you look decent.

  • And I said, no way.

  • I didn't want to be... to show the uniform of what victims should be or behave because we have daily life in and... of course, he was right.

  • That was one of the reasons why I guess got a backlash. I got many names like bitch, prostitute.

  • And maybe in this video as well.

  • "Why is she wearing this, you know sleeveless clothes?"

  • But look, we have done nothing wrong, and we should be behaving out of ourselves.

  • I think there is always rape myth.

  • That people have the rape, often happen in a dark street attack by a stranger.

  • But actually 90% of the cases happens by someone you know.

  • There is no concept of consent in our law and in general.

  • There is saying in Japanese: "Yayo Yayo Moschino ji", "no no means yes" or "I like it."

  • It's not written in our law.

  • How (would) people know?

  • There are some of the convenience stores decided to take down the pornography magazine but before it was so easy to reach in our daily life.

  • Sometimes, rape has been used in these pornography as well.

  • So in the place like Japan, we have such a lack of sex education, but we have so many sex content.

  • I think, somehow we were always embedded with sexual assault in a daily life.

  • I think I was about 10 years old.

  • I was wearing bikini and there was this guy, (who) groped me in the swimming pool.

  • I just froze and then once he was over I went to my parents and friends.

  • My mother said that It's because I was wearing bikini, cute bikini.

  • I know she was trying to ease me, but that shocked me that that was my fault because I wore a bikini.

  • It continues especially I remember when I was wearing school uniform, especially on the public train.

  • And so we just have to live with it?

  • I felt very responsible that I never made noise about it.

  • So when I come to this violence, which hurt me the most, I can't say one things.

  • You have an advice, of course for the investigation wise it's better to go to police as soon as possible to get the physical evidence.

  • But the the most important thing that I wish to say is, the survival is first.

  • For me, to survive was to telling the truth, but for others, it's not the same.

  • Maybe some of them is to just keep continue with their life for a while.

  • People around you often tell you that you should forget about it. Just move on.

  • For me, every day is still surviving. It still makes me cry, still makes me, you know, panic, till nowadays.

  • Different places, different country has different issues, but I feel like a...

  • Fundamentally, um... we are making documentary film in Africa in Sierra Leone about FGM.

  • It's like a social pleasure that if you want to be a decent woman, you should be cut off your clitoris.

  • One of Japanese University, one of female students say that, I feel like I've been mentally FGMed.

  • Meaning that... in Japan as well, there is a certain way the society see women, how women should be.

  • Shinjuku shows that the majority was male leader for the Black Box.

  • Some of them was saying that they could never imagine what's the sexual violence is, but they can imagine what it is like to be under control by the power.

  • I'm sure everyone must have experienced these things, in the school, in workplace, and family.

  • I definitely see the change in media that there are now reporting in Japan and I hear more stories.

  • Now the law has changed of course, but we need to change more. It's just we can't wait any hundred years more.

I woke up with intense pain he was on top of me and yeah everything I guess start from there.

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Shiori Ito, the Woman who Changes Japanese Law on Her Own

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    Zenn posted on 2019/09/10
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