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  • Revolving doors always open, always closed.

  • So, why do we have them?

  • Meet Theophilus Van Kannel.

  • A curmudgeon and a scrooge of sorts.

  • Humbug!

  • He hated lots of things.

  • None more so than chivalry, especially opening doors

  • for women.

  • He also hated and I mean hated that awkward dance

  • we've all experienced.

  • - After you. - No, after you.

  • No, no, no, I insist after you.

  • After you.

  • Van Kannel created a way to eliminate

  • his social phobia by drawing inspiration

  • from a preexisting German,

  • Translation: door without draft of air.

  • In 1888, Van Kannel received a patent for a

  • storm door structure aka the revolving door.

  • In 1899, the first one was installed at Rector's,

  • a restaurant in New York City.

  • It was revolutionary!

  • Not only did it eliminate forced social interaction,

  • revolving doors kept dust, rain, sleet, snow,

  • and noise from entering buildings and kept the heat

  • and air conditioning inside.

  • Seems great, energy efficient, but there's a catch.

  • No one uses them.

  • In 2006, an MIT study found only 20% to 30% of people

  • were using the revolving doors.

  • So, why don't we use them?

  • Probably because swinging doors are just easier,

  • but Mr. Van Kannel, we salute you

  • and your anti-social ways.

Revolving doors always open, always closed.

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How the Revolving Door Was Born Out of Awkward Encounters

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