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  • - This is a one-man operation.

  • I do the whole thing myself.

  • The Saguache Crescent is the last hot-metal newspaper

  • in the United States.

  • And probably about anywhere.

  • (languid music)

  • My family purchased the newspaper in 1917.

  • It's just what we've always done.

  • You know, it's either stay in it or get out,

  • and it's easier to stay in than get out actually.

  • I've been working here since I was 12 years old.

  • I've been publisher for 37 years.

  • The linotype that I use to set the text

  • for the newspaper we bought brand new in 1921.

  • I have about 440 subscribers.

  • I print about 530 papers.

  • We've put in anything that people want to announce.

  • You know, anything that's going on.

  • A lot of times it's an obituary.

  • (hammer taps)

  • All right.

  • (languid music)

  • I've just maintained the traditional printing method

  • at The Crescent simply because

  • there hasn't been any reason to change.

  • I'm not old enough for it to have completely worn me out.

  • I've just been able to just go on week to week.

  • The future of the paper is

  • that it'll be put out next week I'm pretty sure.

  • Probably a week after that, and,

  • it could be 20 years, it could be two years.

  • I don't know.

  • I think I'm as amazed about it as most people.

- This is a one-man operation.

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True to Type: Running America's Last Linotype Newspaper

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