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  • (intense wind)

  • (atmospheric music)

  • (airplane motor)

  • - Other people would laugh at me.

  • In fact, all my friends say we worry

  • about you Dilys, you know.

  • I think even coming out this weekend,

  • somebody said oh no be careful.

  • I think that's ridiculous.

  • What a better way to die, having fun.

  • I am a world record-holder for being the oldest

  • woman skydiver in the world.

  • I think, if there's only one way, it's down.

  • So even if I've got slight absent-mindedness,

  • I'll be alright.

  • I don't worry that my carpet is rather threadbare

  • and old, as long as I'm skydiving.

  • But I do get scared.

  • I used to be so scared that I would drive the car

  • up to the drop zone and think, I could go back.

  • I don't have to stay here.

  • But I knew if I went away, I'd never come back again.

  • So, so the ecstasy was more than the fear.

  • (airplane motor)

  • The first time I jumped out of an airplane,

  • I thought I was going to die.

  • And as I fell, I thought, what a mistake, this is death.

  • I can remember it now.

  • And then the next second, I thought, “Oh, I'm flying.”

  • (upbeat music)

  • Skydiving gives you the most intense, wonderful feeling.

  • I mean, people come down from a jump

  • and they all say, “It's better than sex.”

  • I mean, take that the way you like it, but it is.

  • I think sometimes we get pulled down by fear,

  • we get pulled down by necessity of work,

  • and it's a mistake.

  • That having done skydiving, I learned courage.

  • I learned to go.

  • And that has been the biggest turning point in my life.

  • And I think the courage has helped me to run

  • a charity, which from scratch is very difficult.

  • They say most charities fail after three years.

  • And I knew that I had a program

  • that affected for the good, very profoundly

  • disabled people and made them really much happier,

  • and that thrills me.

  • I believe we all have a purpose in life.

  • And I believe that Touch Trust is my purpose.

  • I don't have much time to think about the past.

  • I'm so busy in the present and just going

  • into the future, that the past recedes.

  • And I am enjoying so much these days remembering

  • the past, remembering even the difficult times

  • that seeing how they all fell into a pattern,

  • which now I'm glad of.

  • You are a bird for 50 seconds and imagine,

  • you can go 140 miles an hour, you can do a barrel roll.

  • You can flip, you can move here, you can move there,

  • you can join up with people.

  • It is unbelievably wonderful.

  • I won't stop, until I know it's not safe.

  • But for now, I'm safe and I can do it,

  • and I will do it for as long as I can.

(intense wind)

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The 82-Year-Old Skydiver

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