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  • ♪♪♪

  • Ahh!


  • Will you please stop bothering my kid?

  • Sorry.

  • Arthur,

  • I have some bad news for you.


  • This is the last time we'll be meeting.

  • You don't listen do you?

  • You just ask the same questions every week.

  • How is your job?

  • Are you having any negative thoughts?

  • All I have, are negative thoughts.

  • [TV PLAYING] -And finally...

  • in a world where everyone thinks they can do my job,

  • check out this guy.

  • When I was a little boy

  • and told people I was gonna be a comedian,

  • everyone laughed at me.

  • Well no one's laughing now.

  • You can say that again, pal.


  • ♪♪♪

  • It's so awful isn't it?

  • For my whole life,

  • I didn't know if I even really existed.

  • But I do.

  • And people are starting to notice.

  • Do you think this is funny?

  • Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  • -Is this a joke to you? -Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  • Eh...Murry, one small thing.

  • -Yeah? -When you bring me out,

  • can you introduce me as Joker?

  • ♪♪♪


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JOKER - Final Trailer

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    Arthur posted on 2019/09/07
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