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  • Boy, this is my kind of place.

  • I think it's a lot of fun when you can have a product, like a See's Candy or Coke or whatever, to really love the product itself.

  • I just like to eat, and especially candy.

  • When I was six, we're talking 1936 now, I got a nickel a week allowance.

  • And we would go off to Ernie's Drugstore.

  • There they would have penny candy.

  • So, the nickel would entitle me to five choices.

  • And, I could spend an hour making those choices.

  • Peanut brittle's my favorite.

  • Well, I like the peanut brittle a lot, and there's no way to stop once you start eating peanut brittle.

  • Oh, Cracker Jacks' prize.

  • Yeah, they have a prize in every box.

  • Yeah, Cracker Jacks.

  • And that's one of those things where they manage to get the salt and the sugar mix where you just keep eating because it's salty and sugary.

  • Yeah, I got addicted to these kind of things, and Whoppers I love.

  • I just, I can eat those.

  • And Milk Duds.

  • Milk Duds we used to...

  • How about dark chocolate?

  • What do you think of that?

  • Well, I like almost everything.

  • Just offer it to me and find out.

  • This is unbelievable.

  • Oh, these.

  • I claim to be pretty good at pinball.

  • I bought a machine for 25 dollars in 1946, and built a small empire out of it.

  • It was the best business I was ever in my peak.

  • Very early in my business career.

  • It's been all downhill ever since.

  • So, this article is the start of the personal computing industry.

  • This really cheap kit computer appeared on the cover of this magazine.

  • And we saw it in December of 74, and then Paul was saying, "Okay, you've gotta drop out."

  • "We've gotta start Microsoft."

  • "This is gonna happen without us."

  • And in fact, this company who made this, they became our first customer.

  • That is something.

  • I'd heard the story, but I've never seen the magazine before.

  • Frankly, if I'd read it I wouldn't have known what to do with it.

  • This is a book that first came out in 1949, "The Intelligent Investor" by Ben Graham.

  • When I read this book, it changed my life.

  • Anytime the market takes a sharp dive and you get tempted to sell or something, just pull out this book and reread it.

  • Warren made his first trip to Hawaii when I got married.

  • Melinda's gift to me was that she had Willie Nelson come and sing the night before the wedding, so this has got special history for me.

  • When I was a kid, the big thing to do was listen to "Your Hit Parade", presented by Lucky Strike.

  • "Be happy, go Lucky", and they would start with number 10 and work their way up to number one.

  • And Glen Miller was probably number one.

  • There's Glen Miller album.

  • Alright, here we go.

  • I can probably hum any one of those songs on there.

  • I'll take the whole place.

  • Let's get it all.

Boy, this is my kind of place.

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Sweet Nostalgia with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

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    Lian   posted on 2019/10/13
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