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  • - I'm Jan Kingaard, CEO of King Size Bows Incorporated,

  • and welcome to my bow kingdom.

  • We're in the joy business.

  • We make special occasions special.

  • I have to say that our most popular bow

  • is our signature monarch bow, the red and silver one.

  • The Lexus commercials, that we've had the privilege of doing

  • for the last eight years,

  • has really drawn attention to the multi-loop bows.

  • We're the only ones in the United States

  • who actually make those bows.

  • We make them out of a variety of fabrics and textures,

  • and those are the ones that people are most interested in.

  • There's a whole bow language that most people don't speak,

  • but there are definitely differences of opinions

  • about how many loops, how long the tails should be,

  • and whether there's a V-cut or an angled cut.

  • We are pleased to be on every showroom from Ferrari,

  • to the Mini, to the Ford, to BMW.

  • Now, we've found that customers really expect to keep

  • the bow when they buy the car.

  • They wanna drive away with the bow.

  • You'd be surprised where people put bows,

  • it's not just on top of a car.

  • Any place that you wanna say, look at me, look at me.

  • It can be on a bicycle, or a surf board, or skis,

  • on a gate, on the top of your house at a pinnacle.

  • Once you put a bow on it, it's a present.

(upbeat music)

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