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  • - Hi, I'm Brad Look with the Stan Winston School

  • of Character Arts.

  • Welcome to Creating Alien Makeups, part one.

  • I'm gonna show you some of the techniques

  • that I've developed in how to take generic appliances

  • and make them work on any actor

  • to create the character that you want.

  • The first thing I'm gonna do is show you

  • the materials I'm gonna be using to create this makeup.

  • Those materials will include a bald cap,

  • in this case, it's gonna be a plastic bald cap.

  • I'll show you how to prep the skin

  • so that the application will last longer

  • and it'll be more comfortable for the actor.

  • Then I'm gonna be using some basic generic appliances

  • from RBFX Lab.

  • I'm gonna take you into the whole process

  • of putting those appliances on.

  • I can't wait to see what aliens you come up with

  • after you've learned these techniques,

  • so join me for this course,

  • Creating Alien Makeups, part one.

  • (spooky music)

- Hi, I'm Brad Look with the Stan Winston School

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Creating Alien Makeups Part 1 - TRAILER

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    邱于嘉 posted on 2019/09/01
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