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  • Hey, what's up?

  • We got coach Rock here, the official trainer for I Love Basketball TV.

  • In today's video, I'm gonna be showing you a great shooting drill that you can do on your own, no matter if you're at home, no matter if you're at the gym by yourself.

  • I know a lot of us, when we work out, we don't have the luxury of having a partner with us all the time, or we don't have the luxury of having a rebounder.

  • So a lot of times, the work that we put in has to be by ourselves.

  • So today's drill is going to help you if you've ever been, or if you're currently in a situation where you can only get to the gym or get to the hoop by yourself, you could still put that work in.

  • Alright, so for this drill we're doing, we have four cones set up in a line.

  • You can see on the wings, the elbows.

  • Now there's the basic drill you do, and then there's a progression we're gonna do with the way that basketball has been evolving.

  • Alright, so I'll explain that in a second.

  • But the first part all you're doing, shooting, get your rebound, come here, now we're shooting pull-ups here.

  • This drill originated with set shots from here, but how often are we even getting curl shots at the elbow?

  • It doesn't happen a lot unless you're somebody like Klay Thompson, who they're literally running specific plays for, for little, kind of, pop up shots and things of that nature.

  • But for us in our world, we're playing middle school, high school, you're probably not gonna get a lot of set shots from the elbow.

  • But what you probably will get a lot of are one dribble pull-ups at the elbow.

  • So when we get to the elbows, we're gonna focus on one dribble pull-ups.

  • Same thing on this elbow, and then when we get to this wing, we're shooting the three.

  • Now how this progresses is it evolves with the way basketball has been evolving.

  • So we have the first three here, the next one we're attacking here.

  • Instead of going for that pull-up, just take one step getting back behind the line because three pointers are better than twos now.

  • It's pretty common theme in basketball now.

  • So we're rather gonna take this three.

  • Same thing, we come from this side.

  • Stepping back, get behind that line, and then here we're shooting the regular three.

  • Now with our shots from the wings, we're focused on the footwork, alright?

  • You can either do the hop or the 1-2.

  • Now personally, I probably like the 1-2 better for myself just cause I feel more comfortable out of it, so that's what I'm gonna work on right here.

  • Spin the ball to myself.

  • Now remember I talked about this in a video before.

  • I don't like to bounce it to myself anymore, because when you think about in a game how often do you get a bounce pass, especially when you're shooting a three?

  • Not often, so we're just gonna spin it like we pass, and we're gonna get into our shot.

  • We just spin.

  • Everything easy.

  • Hit the shot.

  • Now let's focus on this shot.

  • We're catching, defense is running at us, we're not shooting, we're just catching, going straight to that one dribble elbow shot.

  • Same thing, we get to this elbow.

  • Same exact thing...

  • Here.

  • Pull-up.

  • Now we get to this last spot, same thing as the first spot, catching.

  • Now if you notice, I like to simulate the pass.

  • You can simulate it from either way.

  • Instead of just going here, I always like to simulate where the pass is coming from.

  • Sometimes the pass is gonna come from the post, sometimes the pass is gonna come from the point guard at the top, so you need to practice both, especially if you're by yourself.

  • Now I've been it talking it through, but how you really wanna do this is you want to be running through the entire drill.

  • So this also works your conditioning, you're getting you own rebounds, and you're running through, and that's the first part.

  • So you run through that, I would say make 10, so just each time, just keep going till you make 10 shots.

  • Then the second time through, we have the same thing for this shot, remember?

  • Same thing, catch, shot.

  • Then we get to this cone, and when we get to this spot everything looks the same as our pull-up, but this time we're stepping back kind of like a James Harden, quick step back.

  • So we're here, catch, step back and hit it.

  • Same thing on that side.

  • Same thing here, we get the pass, man runs, step back and hit that shot.

  • Then I would say run through that phase 10 makes again, so that would be one set.

  • Then you could do two or three sets, as many sets as you really want.

  • Of course I wouldn't do like 10 sets, but two or three sets will help you, kind of, really implement this drill into your training.

  • If this video was helpful, well guess what?

  • I have a free training program that I wanna give to you today.

  • Just click the first link in the comments.

  • I'm gonna post it there in the comments.

  • I'll pin it for you.

  • Scroll down to the comments, leave a comment if you want, but most importantly, get your free workout, your free program, so that you can take your game to the next level, so that you can keep getting better.

  • If you enjoy the video, you already know what to do.

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  • Until next time.

  • I'll see you then.

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