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  • You can't really call me a crazy cat lady.

  • I'm... I'm obsessive.

  • I would rather have 800 cats than another man.

  • I don't need a man in my life.

  • Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. No!

  • Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.

  • Floyd! Come on, Cricket.

  • This is called the Cat House on the Kings.

  • It's a 12-acre, no-cage, no-kill sanctuary, rescue-adoption center.

  • And we also do a lot of spays and neuters.

  • Oh, come here, Cricket. Come on!

  • We have close to 800 adults and 300 kittens on the property as we speak.

  • It wasn't like I planned, "Hey, I think I'll have a thousand cats! What a novel idea!"

  • It wasn't like that.

  • I thought, well, there's always room for more.

  • They're gonna kill this one.

  • We have way too many cats.

  • So this, this was my house.

  • You can see that it's an extremely large house.

  • So you had to give up your home for these cats?

  • I tried for about 16 years to make it work, but it wasn't okay having 60-something in my bedroom.

  • One night, they threw up in my ear, and that was when I moved.

  • All 4,200 square feet is theirs.

  • That's why we call it the Cat House.

  • We have saved over 28,000 cats in 24 years.

  • We have a staff now of about 45.

  • You have to be very on top of the job because you have a lot of cats that you're responsible for.

  • No point in rescuing them and taking them in if you can't take care of them.

  • You know, this is not normal.

  • People, after a while, would say, "Well, you know, I think I've done this enough."

  • "I think I'll go have a life now. I think I'll go travel."

  • Nope, not me!

  • Daphne, look this way.

  • Daph!

  • Come on, I want you to be on TV!

You can't really call me a crazy cat lady.

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The Woman Who Lives With 1,000 Cats

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    許大善   posted on 2019/09/27
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