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  • People seem to think being quiet is a bad thing.

  • People talk over you a lot.

  • They assume you're an introvert.

  • Sometimes they just forget you're there.

  • But, there are also perks of being quiet.

  • First off, you say fewer stupid things.

  • That color goes great with your skin.

  • And what does my skin normally look like?

  • No, I just was saying because the...

  • Yeah, rude.

  • That color looks really nice on you, Daisha.

  • Thank you!

  • People think of you as being a good listener.

  • Anyway, thank you so much.

  • Nobody listens as well as you do.

  • You're welcome.

  • Everyone thinks you're mysterious.

  • You can sneak out of situations you don't want to be in.

  • And when you laugh, people take it as a sign that something is really funny, because you rarely do.

  • People are blown away when you say something sassy.

  • I mean, did you steal this from Coolio's tour bus?

  • Finally, when you do talk, everyone takes you super seriously.

  • What we should actually do is have mini pies and cupcakes.

  • I didn't even think of that.

  • You're like a genius.

People seem to think being quiet is a bad thing.

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7 Perks Of Being Quiet

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    Ingrid posted on 2019/10/05
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