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  • You've probably heard about "Myers-Briggs" personality types that give you a whole personality profile--one you can identify with just four letters.

  • But, did you know that your blood type can also tell you a lot about yourself?

  • In the 1930s, the Japanese military tried to create ideal soldiers by investigating whether there was a connection between blood types and personality.

  • But today, many researchers from various cultures continue to explore this theory and have discovered that there are, indeed, correlations between the two.

  • To find out what your blood type is, you can either donate blood or purchase a blood type test kit.

  • They're super affordable and easy to use.

  • If you're under 13, we recommend parental supervision.

  • Curious to know what your blood type reveals about you?

  • Let's find out.

  • Blood type A: Blood type A folks are known asthe farmers.”

  • History shows they have an agricultural route originating from working collaboratively on farms.

  • Blood type A people are often organized and make responsible, conscientious workers.

  • They are cautious individuals and like to take their time when they make decisions and are more comfortable handling one task at a time.

  • Although often kind, loyal, patient and seemingly calm on the outside, they can also be incredibly stubborn, perfectionistic and anxious.

  • People with this blood type do well in math and science fields that require research.

  • Since they tend to be introverted, they also excel in careers that allow them to work independently or in teams because they make great listeners.

  • Blood type B: Blood type B folks are known asthe hunters,” because they like to take the unconventional route and carve a path of their own.

  • Often creative, curious and passionate, these free spirits know how to inspire others with their bold love for adventure.

  • Although seen as cheerful, charming and flexible people, on the downside, they can also be irresponsible, indecisive and unpredictable.

  • People with this blood type tend to excel in the arts, like music and poetry or careers that get them active and traveling.

  • Whenever you're around a blood type B person, you're bound for a good time.

  • Blood type AB: Blood type AB folks are known to be the "Humanists".

  • These unique individuals have the best of both worlds when they show traits of both blood type A and B, analytical and logical.

  • They make deep thinkers and philosophers.

  • On one hand, they may be confident and outgoing while they can also be shy at times and anxious when a problem is unsolved.

  • They are known to be eccentric, talented and mysterious.

  • But the downside is that they can also be aloof, forgetful and critical.

  • People with the blood type AB do well in careers where they can work and negotiate with people, such as health care or teaching.

  • Blood type O: Blood type O folks are known as "The Warriors".

  • They're usually the trendsetters of the crowd and natural-born leaders.

  • They don't care for the small details and focus more on the big picture idea.

  • Ambitious, strong-willed and optimistic, they don't stop until they reach for the stars.

  • On the downside however, they can be self-centered, workaholics and even ruthless.

  • As go-getters, people with this blood type make great entrepreneurs, athletes and excel in leadership positions.

  • What's your blood type, or what do you think is your blood type?

  • Was your description accurate?

  • Please share your thoughts with us below.

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You've probably heard about "Myers-Briggs" personality types that give you a whole personality profile--one you can identify with just four letters.

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What Does Your Blood Type Say About Your Personality?

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