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  • I'm Jierui Fang. I'm a junior at MIT studying art and design with a minor in computer science.

  • Well, I think it's very important for all sorts of disciplines

  • to be involved with the launch.

  • Because the College of Computing isn't just about computation.

  • For example, The Borderline involves computation, technology, all intersecting with art and design.

  • I'm Danny Gelman. I'm a junior here at MIT studying computer science and comparative media studies.

  • I have a twin brother who's also a junior here at MIT

  • and we have very similar career goals and we're studying pretty much the same thing.

  • My name is Allan Gelman.

  • Art, painting, drawing, things like that have always

  • been really interesting to us, so we thought it was really cool when Borderline was starting.

  • A lot of students at MIT are interested in the arts,

  • but there wasn't really a community. It was kind of scattered people doing

  • art in their dorm room or going to clubs and doing it on the weekends.

  • And the goal was really to create something that everyone at MIT could see

  • and be really proud of.

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  • It started out in the tunnels of MIT.

  • We wanted to make them be a destination to go to as opposed to just a means of getting places.

  • So we added murals to the tunnels

  • and then we animated those murals.

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  • When you hold up your phone to the picture

  • there's another story that takes place, so you get to see

  • an animation that a student created display over the actual picture.

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  • For the opening of the College of Computing, we're having an AR animation competition

  • and right now we're hosting a workshop teaching students to make AR animations.

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  • I think it's really important that people at MIT are aware that the students are very multifaceted,

  • that they have different aspects to their personalities and different passions,

  • and through this we hope to present a more whole and well-rounded image of who students at MIT are.

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