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  • What a beautiful moment!

  • - Kumbaya! - Kumbaya!

  • The nation... nay, the world, was celebrating Kevin, Stuart And Bob.

  • The last few thousand years were rough, no question, but things were finally going their way.

  • Kevin had never been more proud.

  • But something was missing.

  • Haha! Yes, good show, good show.

  • Hey.. hu- (MUMBLING NOISES)

  • My crown is gone!

  • It's gone!


  • She's lost the crown!

  • Oh, my days!

  • Scarlet?!

  • Scarlet! Hey!

  • They took everything from me!

  • My castle! My reputation!

  • Things looked bleak baby, I'm not gonna lie!

  • But now, at least... I have my crowwwwwn!

  • Child, give me that back.

  • No... I don't think so

  • You have no idea who you're messing with.

  • I am the greatest supervillain of all time!

  • Oh, were you?

  • B... B... Buddies... Come here, come here! Look, ah!

  • Are you really going to allow that little penguin to make off with my crown?!

  • Oh Herb... I'm done.

  • For me?

  • Awww.

  • Bye-bye.

  • Big boss!

  • And that is how the Minions found their new boss.

  • He was cunning. He was evil. He was perfect!

  • He was...

  • Despicable!

What a beautiful moment!

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Minions (10/10) Movie CLIP - The New Boss (2015) HD

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