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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 187. The title of today's lesson

  • is use 'sports' in front of a noun. Okay let's look at the first note. When the word sport

  • is in front of a noun, it usually becomes a noun phrase. So the two words kind of

  • combine to be like one noun phrase. So we use sports not sport in those sort of

  • situations. Let's look at the first example with the X. This of course would

  • be wrong. If we say Jerry owns a sport car. No. With the check this is correct

  • We say Jerry owns a sports car . Yeah definitely this will come up in writing.

  • But it even if it's spoken you know, it sounds a little awkward or a little off too. All

  • right . Let's take a look at the second example. Bob likes to go to a sports, a

  • sport bar of course that's wrong with sport bar on the weekend. Of course with

  • the check. This is correct Bob likes to go to a sports bar on the weekends. You

  • know so every weekend he likes to go out to it so we have a lot of these

  • combinations of a sports something. And I just gave you some other very common

  • examples here. So we might not only do we have a you know sports car or sports bar

  • it's very common people might have a sports jacket, sports announcer, you know

  • the people whose are reporting that a baseball game or a basketball game.

  • Sports drink, yeah very common. You know that usually

  • is a little bit of an energy drink or something after you do exercise. Sports

  • coat, sports bra . Yeah , a lot of women have sports bras. Sports fan, very very common, sports arena etc. So

  • again just be careful. Realize when sports is combined together with another

  • noun it becomes a noun phrase. I must always be sports not sport. Okay, I hope

  • it's clear. I hope you got it . Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 187. The title of today's lesson

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Tutor Nick P Lesson (187) Use Sports in Front of a Noun

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