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  • Wait, why is there a car coming?

  • Oh God, we're on the wrong side of the road!

  • Oh my God.

  • Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

  • 8 Struggles of being a Brit in America

  • Hey, what can I get you guys?

  • Can we get a glass of water?

  • Water? - Water.

  • Hey Steve, do we know a Walter?

  • Water?

  • Oh water. Yeah, sure.

  • You're expected to know all Brits

  • My friend Sarah lives in England.

  • Do you know her?

  • Well, England's--

  • Sarah Patterson.

  • Well there's 50 million people in England.

  • Ooh, do you know the Queen?

  • The geography confuses people

  • What part of London are you from?

  • Oh we're not from London.

  • But, you just said you're from England.

  • Is all of England like Harry Potter?

  • Hogwarts.

  • You're a wizard, Harry!

  • Expelliarmus! Expelliarmus!

  • Expelliarmus, Steve!

  • Everyone assumes you love tea

  • I figured you would enjoy tea.

  • You're welcome.

  • Accent confusion

  • Oh, let me give you some room.

  • Oh wow, I love your accent.

  • Oh, thank you.

  • Where in Australia are you from?

  • Oh I'm from England.

  • Food assumptions

  • Can I get--

  • Let me guess, fish and chips, right?

  • No, can I--

  • Well we don't have like mash, or pudding, what else do you guys eat?

  • But then you remember...

  • You can be just as bad!

  • I miss home.

  • I'm just fed up with these stereotypes.

  • I miss home, too.

  • Oh, where are you from, like the East coast or something?

  • No, I'm from Canada.

  • What?

  • Oh my God, Canada, eh?

  • Is it just so cold there?

  • Do you play ice hockey all day?

  • Do you put maple syrup on everything?

  • Have you got a pet moose?

  • Expelliarmus! Expelliarmus!

Wait, why is there a car coming?

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8 Struggles Of Being A Brit In America

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    Yukiko posted on 2019/08/13
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