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  • - I'm Stephen Curry,

  • and today I'm buildin' my dream company

  • with my dream executives from the NBA.

  • (upbeat music)

  • My CFO would definitely be the OG David West.

  • He's a teammate of mine,

  • but when it comes to just his savviness,

  • also his entire portfolio, what I've seen,

  • the way that he's positioned himself

  • from a financial perspective

  • to, you know, create a legacy.

  • My Chief Talent Officer would be Steve Kerr, for sure.

  • He's a master at bringing all sort of skills

  • and talented individuals and bringing it

  • into the ethos of a common goal.

  • He's definitely helped me take a next step in my career

  • in terms of puttin' me in the right positions to succeed,

  • but also just instilling confidence

  • in everybody that suits up for him.

  • My Chief Creative Officer would probably be Jamal Crawford.

  • Every time you see him on the court

  • with the ball in his hands,

  • he's doin' something creative.

  • That's probably a result of how creative his mind is.

  • And so I would probably bring him on

  • as the Chief Creative Officer.

  • Chief Happiness Officer would definitely be Clay Thompson.

  • He's always got a smile on his face.

  • He would bring his dog around to every meeting.

  • He would definitely be the one that would instill happiness

  • to the entire room and the entire company,

  • so, Clay Thompson, he's got that job already.

  • It's already offered to him.

  • Chief Trouble Maker?

  • I'mma rename that to the Chief Technical Officer,

  • and I'm gonna take that title very literally

  • and nominate my teammate Draymond Green. (laughs)

  • I would have a caveat that he would turn

  • that troublemaker kind of personality

  • into something very productive.

  • Chief Inspiration Officer,

  • I'm gonna go outta left field with this one.

  • It would be Mark Jackson, my former head coach,

  • 'cause he was an amazing motivator

  • and somebody that always had a story or analogy

  • or some sort of saying that could rally

  • the team before a game.

  • Chief Ninja Officer, somebody that was

  • a teammate of mine, Nate Robinson.

  • He is light on his feet, he's super athletic for his size,

  • and he's strong but he's always one step ahead

  • in terms of how he moves through the court

  • and through life, so,

  • I'm gonna go with Nate Robinson.

  • In my first team-building event or opportunity

  • would definitely take everybody to the golf course

  • and see what they could do out there on the links.

  • - [Interviewer] Would you beat them all at golf?

  • - Oh, 100%, I'd make 'em all feel terrible

  • about their golf game.

  • (upbeat music)

- I'm Stephen Curry,

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