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  • It's AumSum Time.

  • Is it safe to eat moldy bread?

  • With cheese.

  • Definitely YES.

  • Oh AumSum.

  • The mold on our bread is a fungus.

  • The green visible parts on the bread are just spores of the fungus.

  • Its invisible branches called hyphae.

  • Actually spread deep into the bread, creating an extensive network.

  • Now, as fungi don't have chlorophyll.

  • They cannot prepare their own food.

  • Hence, they rely on other sources.

  • Bread is one of their best options.

  • Because it contains nutrients as well as moisture.

  • Now, it is neither recommended to eat moldy bread.

  • Nor it is safe to scrap off the mold and eat the rest.

  • Why?

  • Because some molds can produce mycotoxins that can be harmful for humans.

  • Also, as bread is a soft food, the hyphae can easily penetrate deeper.

  • Making scrapping or cutting worthless.

  • Topic: Rancidity.

  • Why is a bag of chips half full?

  • Looks like you don't believe me.

  • Open the bag.

  • See I told you.

  • The bag of chips is indeed half full.

  • Why is that so?

  • It is mainly because of a concept called rancidity.

  • When food becomes rancid.

  • It develops an unpleasant smell and taste.

  • And it becomes unsafe for consumption.

  • Rancidity generally refers to a condition where.

  • The fats and oils present in food get oxidized.

  • Resulting in food spoilage.

  • Since the chips contain fats and oils.

  • They are likely to get rancid.

  • Therefore, to prevent this.

  • Nitrogen gas is flushed into bags of chips by manufacturers.

  • But, why nitrogen?

  • Nitrogen does not react with fats and oils.

  • As a result, rancidity does not take place.

  • Moreover, a gas in the bag serves as a cushioning agent.

  • And prevents the chips from crumbling.

  • That is why the bag of chips is only filled till half.

  • Why do we love junk food?

  • Because it looks cool bro.

  • No.

  • We love junk food because manufacturers design it to activate our brain's reward system.

  • They create the perfect combination of salt, sugar, spices, etc.

  • Which excite our taste buds, thus activating our brain's reward system, making us feel good.

  • Now after this, when we eat regular food, as it doesn't activate the reward system.

  • It feels less appealing.

  • Besides this, if we compare these foods, the quantity of healthy food looks more, right?

  • But surprisingly, they both contain the same number of calories.

  • What?

  • Yes.

  • Now, since healthy food also contains fiber and water, they add up to the volume.

  • Thus filling our stomach.

  • But, as the junk food doesn't have enough water and fiber.

  • It doesn't fill us.

  • So, we keep eating.

  • And thus, end up consuming more calories leading to obesity, diabetes, etc.

  • Is spicy food bad for you?

  • Obviously, Because whenever I eat spicy food, my mouth seems to be on fire.

  • This is because spicy food generally contains chili peppers.

  • Chili peppers have a chemical called capsaicin.

  • When capsaicin comes in contact with our tongue.

  • It activates the heat sensing receptors instead of our taste buds.

  • As a result, our brain thinks that our mouth is on fire.

  • So, shall I call the Fire brigade?

  • Just listen.

  • Capsaicin present in spicy food is not necessarily bad for everybody.

  • Only those people who have a low tolerance level.

  • Or don't have a habit of eating spicy food.

  • Can experience some problems like.

  • Burning mouth, irritation of the stomach lining, etc.

It's AumSum Time.

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