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  • So I found this really cringy

  • yet hilarious post about two koreaboos breaking up,

  • and I just really wanted to animate it.

  • so here you go.

  • When two koreaboos break up

  • Annyeong (Hello) oppa.

  • undwe. (No)

  • we are done.

  • (GRAB) Jagiya Wae? (HONEY WHY??)

  • Gwenchana?? (are you okay??)

  • I thought I was your Oppa!

  • Even thought your abs are daebak (awesome/cool/amazing)..

  • sniffle

  • I just don't sarang you anymore..

  • Yah!

  • We are no longer namjachingoo(boyfriend) and yeojachingoo(girlfriend).

  • Naga (get out.) Right now!!

  • Oppa Mianhae (sorry).It's.. for the best...

  • We can still be chingoo (friends) though...

So I found this really cringy

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B1 US oppa naga wae cringe yah animate

when two cringe koreaboos break up (ep 1)

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    餓犬 posted on 2019/08/05
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