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  • Folks, I have a simple philosophy.

  • The government should work for everyone, not just the elite.

  • And that's why I helped pass the farm bill,

  • because I care about farmers. But I won't stop there.

  • I will work for everyone, whether you are young,

  • whether you are old,

  • whether you are Asian or Hispanic,

  • whether you are straight or whether you are gay.

  • I will work for all of you.

  • And that's why I also support marriage equality.

  • Folks don't choose to be gay,

  • anymore than I choose to be straight.

  • Could you imagine if someone told you

  • that you couldn't marry the person that you loved?

  • I'm sorry, I think gays are people too.

  • Gays are not different. Gays, they're just like us.

  • They love, they fear, they raise their children,

  • they strive for a better life.

  • But there are those who believe that being gay

  • is an abomination.

  • That's absurd. The homosexual community

  • is a valuable community in this country.

  • They are doctors, they are lawyers,

  • they are teachers, they are me, and they are you.

  • And their contributions are no less important

  • than any other group in this fine nation of ours.

  • So, turn to that gay person near you,

  • and see that they are no different than you are.

  • Thank you.

Folks, I have a simple philosophy.

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