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  • We've all heard stories of far-off primitive tribes hurling virgins into the mouth of a

  • fiery volcano in their attempt to appease some particularly capricious God.

  • What is that unfortunate girl's fate though as she falls to her fiery death?

  • What is it like to die inside a burning pit of lava and sulfur?

  • Hello and welcome to another episode of The Infographics Show- today we're taking a look

  • at what happens to your body when you fall into a volcano.

  • Falling into a volcano is not going to be a pleasant fate for anyone, yet in 2007 a

  • Maasai porter fell into the rim of an active volcano and managed to survive, albeit with

  • some severe burns.

  • Fortunately for that porter, the reason he survived is that the particular volcano he

  • fell into has what's known as natrocarbonatite lava, which is rich in sodium and potassium

  • carbonate minerals, and nyerereite, which is a unique combination that makes the laval

  • cool very quickly when coming in contact with air.

  • This laval burns at around 510 degrees Celcius, or half the temperature of normal lava, and

  • because the porter fell near the lava, and not directly on it, he was able to survive.

  • But what happens to our sacrificed virgin as she's hurled into a fiery mouth of doom

  • like an unwitting Gollum trying to save his Precious?

  • First it's likely that as she falls through the air she'll quickly suffocate from the

  • noxious gases produced by the volcano.

  • If not immediately suffocated however she'll likely completely sear her lungs as she inhales

  • the superheated gas amidst her desperate screaming.

  • With lungs burnt to a crisp and noxious gas coursing through her bloodstream, our sacrificed

  • virgin will be near death already before even hitting the lava below.

  • Depending on the type of volcano and the shape of the rim she's hurled into, her body will

  • next likely burst into flames as she approaches the lava, but before she physically hits it.

  • That's because radiant heat can superheat the air above and around the volcano mouth,

  • making it reach temperatures so high that human flesh immediately ignites.

  • Just seconds after being hurled into the mouth of a volcano, our sacrificed virgin has turned

  • into a fiery human comet, though the worst is unfortunately still to come.

  • Despite what you've seen in the movies, most lava is incredibly dense- anywhere from two

  • to three times as dense as water.

  • This is after all, liquid rock we're talking about.

  • That means that a human body is going to float on its surface, and because lava is also anywhere

  • from thousands to millions of times more viscous than water, a human body impacting the surface

  • is unlikely to deform it enough to sink beneath the surface.

  • Our virgin, if she's miraculously still alive, is then going to impact the surface lava with

  • so much force that she will break most bones in her body, and remain 'stuck' on the surface-

  • although variations in lava and temperature across different volcanoes may possibly see

  • her sink a few inches below.

  • If she hadn't burst into flames from the radiant heat during her fall, she certainly will now

  • as she rests on the lava itself.

  • With temperatures reaching up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit (1204 Celsius), she will immediately

  • burst into flames hot enough to reduce her body to ash within seconds.

  • For anyone hoping to recover any remains for a proper burial, there'll be nothing left

  • but ash floating in the wind to collect.

  • Any metal fillings, jewelry, or medical implants will also be incinerated- although a titanium

  • medical implant may possibly survive, given titanium's melting point of 3,034 degrees

  • fahrenheit (1688 Celsius).

  • So if you hurled your aging Aunt May into the mouth of a volcano, you might have her

  • hip implant left to remember her by.

  • It's clear after our investigation that movies like Terminator 2 and Lord of the Rings lied

  • to us.

  • A fall into a fiery volcano won't mean a dramatic, emotional goodbye, but rather result in an

  • instant fireball and a smattering of ashes moments later, with just your bones burning

  • for a minute or so after that.

  • What other places, and what would they do to your body, would you like to know about?

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  • it all challange!

  • Thanks for watching, and, as always, don't forget to like, share, and subscribe.

  • See you next time!”

We've all heard stories of far-off primitive tribes hurling virgins into the mouth of a

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What Happens To Your Body When You Fall Into a Volcano?

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