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  • Here is a list of five reasons why not to visit Czech Republic.

  • Would you like to buy a glass of water?

  • Well, you can easily forget about it in the Czech Republic, because water is more expensive than beer!

  • In other words: Beer is cheaper than water!

  • So you can easily become an alcoholic and that is not a good thing.

  • The weather in the Czech Republic is really shitty.

  • I mean, in the winter it looks like this. You have to build a snowman, wear winter clothes.

  • And in the summer you're all sweaty, you have to hang out by the river, look at all the females.

  • I wouldn't go.

  • And while you're by the water you can't even buy a glass of water because as I said, it's more expensive than beer.

  • If you're hoping to eat regular food in Czech Republic like McDonald's or KFC, you can forget about it.

  • Everybody eats their local dishes, and they look like this.

  • It's all fat and grease and meat and dumplings.

  • This is what they call a salad!

  • You're gonna come to the country looking like this - leaving it looking like this.

  • The Czech Republic is full of knock-offs.

  • When the Czechs saw the Eiffel Tower, they build their own one.

  • It's a knockoff!

  • They also copied the beautiful Disneyland by building this.

  • And also when they saw the great and tasty American beer of Budweiser, they made their own Budweiser beer in the city of Budweis...

  • Not original at all!

  • I mean, yes, some things in Czech Republic are nice.

  • And you may say beautiful like this place or this place or this lady. Hi there!

  • But why would you want to visit!

  • You will fall in love with these places and people and you will not want to come back home to your place.

  • And going home is nice, I like my home. So do not visit Czech Republic!

  • I warned you!

  • (The)creating of this episode took us more than five days, because it's really hard to come up with reasons why not to visit Czech Republic.

  • We have spent more than two years trying to convince you to visit Czech Republic, so make sure to check out our show.

  • It's called the Honest Guide.

  • We are the creators that's Honza and that's me and we will love to have you visit our country and our city of Prague.

  • That's it! Hit the subscribe button to make us happy.

  • And we'll see you next week on another episode of Janek tries to make fun on the internet, but he is not really successful.

  • Ah, thank you, mom, for watching...

  • And if you're a frequent viewer, you know that at the end of each episode we will teach you a Czech word.

  • This time, it's Irony.

  • Which is "Ironie"! Irony - Ironie.

Here is a list of five reasons why not to visit Czech Republic.

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