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  • Hi, guys! Dan for BBC Learning English here.

  • Today, we're going to talk about the verbs 'wish' and 'hope'.

  • Now, the verb 'wish' can be used in many ways.

  • And you can get much more detailed information on our website.

  • However, we generally use 'wish' to talk about a present or past situation that we want to change, but understand that it can't.

  • Present wishes are 'wish' + a past simple verb.

  • For example: I wish I were taller.

  • Past wishes are 'wish' + past perfect.

  • I wish I had grown taller.

  • 'Hope' can also be used in different ways.

  • But generally, when we hope, we talk about something that we want or expect for the future.

  • 'Hope' can be followed by a full infinitive.

  • For example: I hope to see you soon.

  • But more commonly, we follow it with a present tense that has a future meaning, or with 'will'.

  • I hope you pass your driving test.

  • I hope you'll have a good time.

Hi, guys! Dan for BBC Learning English here.

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Wish vs Hope - English In A Minute

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