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  • Most people rush through the grocery store, hurrying to get home and on to the much more fun parts of food: cooking and eating.

  • But rush too much, and you could be making a lot of mistakes in your hurry.

  • Here's what to watch for.

  • Making a grocery list can make shopping less painful in more than one way.

  • Not only can making a list before you shop save you money, but it can also help you save time.

  • "What are you thinking?"

  • "Well, we should strike now while we got the element of surprise."

  • A list can help you save money because it helps eliminate impulse purchases.

  • And if you organize your list by aisle, you're not going to be doing all that backtracking for one forgotten item.

  • And making your list isn't as time-consuming as you might think.

  • Just keep a magnetized list on the fridge and write down what you need throughout the week, then simply grab and go when it's time to head to the store.

  • Organize your list by store section, and don't forget to note how much of each item you need.

  • This will help prevent over- or underbuying, saving you pantry space and trips to the store.

  • When was the last time you grabbed a sanitizing wipe and gave your grocery cart handle a quick clean?

  • Never?

  • It may seem paranoid, but the truth is that after being handled by different people all day, those carts can pick up a lot of germs.

  • One Chicago-area study found that 70 percent of shopping carts tested contaminated traces of E. coli.

  • And another study found that shopping carts had more bacteria than public restrooms.

  • What kind of bacteria?

  • Contaminants from raw meat and, well...

  • "That's your name? Mr. Poop?"

  • "Schrute. Mr. Schrute."

  • "Sure, Mr. Poop."

  • Thankfully, a quick swipe with a sanitary wipe will help eliminate most of these germs.

  • Just make sure to wash your hands when you get home to get rid of any lingering bacteria.

  • We all have a favorite grocery store, but it turns out that exploring your options can be a better bet in the long run if you're looking to save money.

  • By shopping around, you can get the best deals on all of the products you need.

  • While your usual grocery store might have the best deals on meat, another store in the area might have better deals on produce.

  • And still another might sell paper goods and cleaning supplies for less.

  • It might take a little extra time to visit these other locations, but the savings can definitely make it worth it.

  • People often bemoan the high cost of produce, but there's an easy way to keep your budget in check when purchasing fruits and vegetables: buy what's in season.

  • You can often find much better deals on your favorite fruits and vegetables when they're growing abundantly and the supply is outstripping the demand.

  • And you're going to have a much better selection of individual items to choose from.

  • You may even want to consider buying fresh foods when they are in season and inexpensive, and then freezing them to use throughout the year.

  • You'll get cost savings and preserve the nutritional profile of your ingredients.

  • And this could even be cheaper than just buying the frozen version from the store.

  • More and more places are either banning single-use plastic bags, or have started charging for them, which means that you're probably already aware that it's a good idea to keep a reusable bag or two in your car for last-minute shopping trips.

  • Some stores will even offer you some sort of discount for bringing your own bags.

  • And over a few years of shopping that amount can definitely add up.

  • It's also just environmentally sound.

  • It's estimated that the average family goes through about 1,500 plastic shopping bags a year.

  • And 100 billion plastic bags are sent to landfills in America each year.

  • If you want to do your part for Mother Earth, switching to reusable bags is an easy place to start.

  • Another perk?

  • Think of all the space you'll save when you don't need to reserve an entire cabinet for scrunched up, used plastic bags.

  • We all know that you can't judge a book by its cover, but did you know that the same can be said for the private label brands at the grocery store?

  • Private label brands and generic products tend to cost less than name-brand, and be pretty similar in terms of quality.

  • They're so good, in fact, that these brands are on the upswing.

  • A lot of stores have their own brands now that pay the same care and attention to packaging as the name brands.

  • And 63 percent of consumers agree that generics are getting more innovative in their offerings.

  • By making the switch to store-brand products, you'll be saving money and eating just as well as before.

  • Did you know that shopping while hungry can cause you to buy things that you don't actually need?

  • Studies have shown that when you're hungry, tired, or stressed, you're willing to spend more than usual on food.

  • That's because your body produces something called ghrelin when you're feeling that way.

  • And that so-called hunger hormone has been found to increase what you're willing to pay for food.

  • Other studies have shown that hungry shoppers make less nutritious food choices.

  • In fact, shopping while hungry, stressed, or tired can result in adding 23 percent more processed junk foods to your cart than you usually would.

  • The solution?

  • Don't be hangry (hungry + angry).

  • Have a snack before you head to the store.

  • And try to schedule your shopping trips on the day of the week when you tend to be well-rested and less stressed.

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Most people rush through the grocery store, hurrying to get home and on to the much more fun parts of food: cooking and eating.

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Huge Mistakes Everyone Makes At The Grocery Store

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