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  • what does your future hold?

  • Actress...actress, superstar,

  • queen in the world, singer, comedian,

  • and maybe...a dancer.

  • I wanna be on Saturday Night Live. How do you know you want to be on it if you don't get it?

  • well, cuz when I'm older,

  • you get more stuff when you're younger

  • and I just want to go on anything funny,

  • if I'm a comedian.

  • you wanna be like Lucy-Lucille Ball?

  • um...yeah kinda. who would you most want to be like?

  • her, um, Bill Cosby, um-

  • any-uh-Tina Fey(美國喜劇演員,1970至今,43歲)

  • And you know about Tina Fey-what, just cuz me and Michael?

  • yeah and she is popular and she is funny

  • And I tried to read Bossy Pants. That's a little old for you, don't you think? See that's what- that's what mom told me!

  • did you read any of it? What did you think?

  • No, I just looked through the pages.

  • and I think people thought she was weird when she was young,

  • um, she did look kinda weird cuz her hair was like short.

  • I like to make stuff like, think of something to do for everyone.

  • like, to like

  • like create...create dance moves,

  • create games, create shows.

  • If somebody didn't know you, what would be the things that you want people to know about you?

  • I dance, I'm a friendly girl, and I'm talented.

  • if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?

  • England, yea

  • un, Ireland, Lithuania

  • New York, California, Texas, Alaska,

  • Alaska?! yeah I just wanted to do something different.

  • I really like England because they have an accent

  • and I want to be on Doctor Who when I grow up.

  • and um, I think

  • England would probably be cool If I went there

  • New York is really cool

  • because there's the m&m factory

  • and there was a screen I tried to get on it. haha yeah.

  • And it was- it's Times Square and it's one of the biggest cities.

  • Actually I would like Florida

  • and because we had a pool once

  • And I liked that pool but I had to say goodbye to it and

  • it was actually sad. Who do you think has been the biggest influence on your life?

  • What does influence mean?

  • You, Mom and Dad.

  • because you're the oldest and they're wise.

  • What have those people that you listed to taught you?

  • Go into the world and say,

  • I'm gonna be the best I can be! and be nice to each other.

  • And go to bed early.

  • Where will we be in 10 years?

  • I don't know, you'll be like writing stuff for movies.

  • and I'll be like...

  • working.. working?

  • Working at like a part time job and I'll be thinking about

  • people yeah, you know, that,

  • someday, I'll be out of here and I'll be a superstar, I'll be queen of the world

  • What do you think about me going to college?

  • What do you think about

  • sad moments, when I have an empty room,

  • and when I have no one to be like, I don't know, no one to talk to, like not-

  • and they don't annoy me

  • What would you want me to know going to college?

  • Make new friends

  • work hard, try not to miss any assignments,

  • and like, try to be nice to your roommates,

  • try to invite me over sometimes.

  • Okay, yeah, I will.

  • Any last words we should add here?

  • My last words are, you are my favorite sister. And you are My favorite sister!

what does your future hold?

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