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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Idioms 252. The idiom today is at one's beck and

  • call. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. If someone is at another person's beck

  • and call, he or she is compliant. It means they comply, that they follow. They don't

  • resist. They are compliant and is expected to obey and cater to one's

  • needs. It is usually meant in a negative way. You know, like that they're almost

  • too demanding. It's like the person has almost become like a slave to them. Okay.

  • Good let's continue. Well the word' beck' is an old use that was a shortened form

  • or a certain version of the word 'beckon." Which meant to signal someone to come. To

  • beckon someone , to come. So that's where you get beck and call. So some people say

  • beck. Why beck ? What's beck ? Well beck was a shortened verb of beckon. You beckoned

  • someone to come towards you. Okay . Good. Let's look at a three examples we have

  • here. Example number one. The boss in the movie " The Devil Wears Prada " expected all

  • her assistants to be at her beck and call. Yeah. I don't know if you remember

  • that is ... that movie is about 10 to 15 years old now. But where Meryl Streep played

  • the boss in this fashion magazine and she expected her you know, her assistants

  • or her helpers to do anything. Long, but far beyond the nine-to-five work hours.

  • She expected them to always be ready for her or do anything that she wants them

  • to do. And some things ... you know were not even practical. She just wants them to

  • try to figure out a way to do it. She expected them to always be at her beck

  • and call. Okay. Let's look at number two here. The king expects his servants to be

  • at his beck and call. Yeah, especially in former times. So this could just as easily

  • be Queen you could say the Queen expects her servants to be at her beck and call.

  • So yeah a lot of times royalty did expect their servants to

  • be literally at their beck and call.They might beckon them to come and at their

  • beck and call and do whatever they wanted them to do.

  • All right. And number three here. In Japan during former times, geishas were trained

  • to be at the beck and call of any men they were hired to entertain. All right.

  • So this is the way we might hear the term beck and call. Anyway, I hope you got

  • it . I hope it's clear. Thank you for your time.

  • Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Idioms 252. The idiom today is at one's beck and

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English Tutor Nick P Idioms (252 ) At One's Beck and Call

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