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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 266. The title of today's lesson the difference between routine and

  • ritual. Yeah. This is one where I often get questioned by students what's the

  • difference between routine and ritual and it is a little tricky. Both of them tend to be just like a repeated

  • set of actions that's done. Well. Let's look at the notes here. To try to see

  • more the clear differences between the two. . So let's look at the first one. Routines are a common set of

  • actions that are repetitive and are often done more or less in the same order. Often on a daily basis.

  • Yes. A routine is probably more likely to be repeated more often or especially on

  • a daily basis. Okay. Let's continue. Routines are often considered to be done

  • in a more mechanical way and usually deep thought is often not required. Yeah.

  • So you do them so often and so commonly, usually you don't have to think too

  • deeply about what you're doing. You just do it. Well we say mechanically almost

  • like a robot. You've probably done it that often, so things, but that set of actions

  • is more likely to be a routine. Okay. Let's let's look more here. Rituals are less

  • likely to be done on an everyday basis, and are considered to be more meaningful. You know have a lot more deep meaning to it. And are more likely

  • to focus on symbolism. Rituals are often religious. Religious in nature and tend

  • to be more formal. Yeah. Our routines don't have to be formal at all. They tend

  • to be more informal. Rituals are more likely to be connected to culture,

  • customs, and ceremonies. Okay. Good. So here are some clear differences with them. Let's continue.

  • Some examples of ritual include prayer, especially organized

  • prayer. Yeah. Maybe if there was a prayer group, you know and they did it all in

  • one way and they repeated the prayers over and over again. That would be again

  • considered to be more meaningful, connected to, to culture probably.

  • connected to religion. Deep meditation, also yoga sometimes. That's connected to

  • religion. It's definitely connected to often to Asian culture. The Japanese

  • green tea ceremony. Yes. They even refer to this one as a ritual. This is another

  • one with rituals the actions are repeated, but I think you know, when I was

  • researching trying to look at the difference, they usually say probably

  • with rituals it's more important to follow the order exactly. With a routine

  • even though you probably do follow the same order or similar order every day, if

  • you mix it up a little, it probably wouldn't matter. But rituals are more formal and

  • you know, a lot of them so this is supposed to be done first. This supposed

  • to be done second. This supposed to be done third. So you're less likely to jump

  • around or skip a part and come back to the next part with rituals. Like with the green tea

  • ceremony, you're supposed to follow you know, each step at a time. You're not supposed to mix them up at all etc.

  • Some examples of routines are a person's morning routine, work routine,. Work

  • routine meaning like probably if you have like a set order of things you do

  • as soon as you get to work like possibly clocking in, you know sitting at your

  • desk, checking your emails, answering calls like, especially for the first hour

  • so. You may follow a similar routine every day. That would be your work routine. Workout

  • routine, well this has to do with exercise. So some examples will cover

  • this. So let's continue. Let's look at four examples here that kind of cover

  • all these ideas. Here's the first one. My morning routine is, I wake up at 6 a.m. ,

  • go to the bathroom, wash up, make myself some coffee, watch about

  • ten minutes of TV and walk out the door at 7:00 a.m. to catch the bus for work. Again

  • if you mixed it up a little bit like you know, I don't know if you washed up later

  • or you know you had your coffee a little later probably wouldn't matter that much,

  • but basically more or less following the same routine every day. Again a morning routine

  • usually does not require deep thought. It's kind of mechanical you kind of

  • follow it , the same path every day. All right. Let's look at the second one

  • here. My workout routine is first to do 50 sit-ups. Yeah so these are just different

  • exercises 50 sit-ups and then I do 10 push-ups, followed by 100 jumping jacks.

  • Remember that's the one like this. You know, those are jumping jacks. Yeah those are jumping jacks. So

  • this is another one you might have a workout routine. We often call it that.

  • Now you probably do follow the same order every day, but you know if you mixed

  • it up, it probably wouldn't matter that much. Would it matter that much ? Would it matter if you did the

  • jumping jacks first or the push-ups first ? Probably not . But with the you know with the

  • religious or you know, rituals that are connected to culture, it probably is more

  • important to follow the steps in order. Okay. Let's look at the third one here.

  • The Japanese tea ceremony is a choreographed ritual. And the fourth one

  • here. The priest will follow the same ritual each time he performs a mass. He does it

  • probably in the same order every day. Whatever order he follows you know maybe

  • says some prayers from the Bible or then he gives a sermon to try to teach something,

  • and you know, and eventually he'll get to the part where he does the Eucharist. Which is a symbol of the body and blood of Christ.

  • People go up to receive. This is all kind of a ritual. Again, connected to religion, connected to culture. Okay.

  • Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it's clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 266. The title of today's lesson the difference between routine and

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English Tutor Nick P Lesson (266) The Difference Between Routine And Ritual

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