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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 340. The title of the lesson today

  • is you invite someone 'to' an event not 'for' or 'in.' Okay. So let's take a look at

  • the note here. We usually invite someone to an event, such as a shower. You know,

  • like a wedding shower, a reunion like that a class reunion, family reunion,

  • party. We definitely invite people to parties. All of these are events. You

  • invite somebody to a wedding. That's an event. To a graduation, etc. So usually we

  • invite somebody to an event. Okay. Let's continue here. If we say we are going to

  • invite somebody 'for' something. We want to give them that thing usually. So for

  • example, you could say, we invited somebody for a drink . A drink, like an

  • alcoholic drink. So you're going to give them the drink. You're going to make them a

  • drink. You know, offer them some... I don't know whiskey or wine or beer. You invite

  • them for that. You know , so and if they go. If they come to your house , you don't

  • charge them money or anything. You're inviting them for that. You're going to give

  • them that thing. So you can invite somebody for a drink, for coffee, for a meal,

  • etc. So usually we invite somebody for something like that. Okay. So let's look at

  • the X here. This is where you know, students, especially students of ESL

  • might make a mistake. You know, they might say I was invited for my niece's

  • graduation. No. You should say I was invited to my niece's graduation. So of

  • course with the check, this is correct, with the X, that is wrong. Let's look at

  • the second one. I was invited in that meeting, or I was invited in that

  • conference. Of course, with the X, that's wrong. With the check this is correct. So

  • you should say I was invited to that meeting or I was invited to that

  • conference. All right. Good. And here's just again a couple of examples with "for."

  • After work he invited me for a cup of coffee. Sure or number 2 here. I invited

  • her over for dessert. Or you just say I invited her for dessert too. All right. Good.

  • And anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it's clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 340. The title of the lesson today

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Tutor Nick P Lesson (340 ) You Invite Someone to an Event Not in or for

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