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  • Last episode we had some of my favourite Hong Kong food, but there's lots more to try.

  • Let's go.

  • Locals are in love with tofu and whilst they do enjoy it, there are some executions which I'm not entirely sure about.

  • One of them is doufuhua, also known as tofu pudding.

  • So, this place is about soybean everything.

  • You get your tofu dessert, your fried tofu, your soybean, whatever it is, they've got it.

  • What they do use is an old soybean mill, so maybe it makes it taste better, I don't know but we'll find out.

  • So Hong Kongers love this, but I find it the most average dessert you could ever have.

  • It tastes like tofu just with sugar on top.

  • Okay, so I'm definitely not a fan of the doufuhua.

  • However, this next dessert is something I can eat 24/7.

  • Egg waffles.

  • The waffles are huge in Hong Kong and they're definitely something you need to have at least once.

  • You can get them in all sorts of flavours and they're great with some green tea ice cream on top.

  • Egg waffles are my absolute favourite Hong Kong street food.

  • You usually get original flavor, it's got like a vanilla waffle flavour, but today I'm gonna try pandan and see how it goes.

  • Just as good.

  • The good thing about Hong Kong is that there is literally food everywhere around you.

  • You'll definitely walk past several open kitchen shop fronts that are grilling and frying some familiar and unfamiliar snacks.

  • Hello. Hello.

  • Which sauce is good for tofu?

  • So street food in Hong Kong is actually illegal, so the closest thing you can get to that are these little corner side stalls that are set up all around Kowloon.

  • Couple of staples for that, fish balls, known as 'yudaan' in Cantonese.

  • The famous stinky tofu which smells a lot worse than it tastes.

  • Squid with mystery sauce which I still never figured out what is in it, but it tastes pretty good.

  • So there you have it, a selection of Hong Kong style foods, that go beyond just wonton and barbeque pork.

  • When you come to Hong Kong, definitely try all of these, but maybe not the doufuhua.

  • It's so disappointing.

Last episode we had some of my favourite Hong Kong food, but there's lots more to try.

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More of the Best Hong Kong Street Food - Featuring Egg Waffles and Doufuha

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    Julia Kuo   posted on 2019/07/30
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