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  • [singing] BRAVEST WARRIORS!! [siren] We've got a Red Honk!

  • I am Supreme Chancellor Gayle from the Moon of Glendale! We need help!

  • Word up, Gayle! We're on our way! Woah, slow down. Don't eject your core, champ.

  • I called to speak with the Courageous Battlers! That was our parents' old team. They all got

  • sucked into the See-Through Zone two years ago.

  • We haven't seen them since. Any job they can do, we can do, Ma'am. We're

  • the Bravest Warriors! But y'all kinda look like dorks.

  • Hey! We're the mightiest heroes in the universe, GAYLE! If you don't want our help -- UP YOURS!

  • Danny! Don't take out your moop on Gayle! You gotta learn to express your moop in more

  • productive ways. Yeah sorry man I'm taking moop management

  • classes. Warriors! To the HellaFlaptor!

  • [singing and ukulele] Time Station 1, Moon of Glendale.

  • I'm Chris. This is Danny, Beth and Wallow. Don't shake Wallow's hand, his glove gets

  • jealous. Oh, and who is this Harlot? We shall settle

  • this with fisticuffs! Pixel, shut down.

  • No, but! He's a little needy, Danny's still fine tuning

  • his Nano Nads. Actually, Wallow and I go way back.

  • You're still... so boomin, Gayle. About that day on Venus--

  • Not necessary. Mm! Uh! Speak not of the past! No! Nooo.

  • Come, we must hurry. Professor Fartsparkles will explain, but first I must wake him from

  • his Time Nap. Professor, these are the Bravest Warriors.

  • They... kind of look like dorks. Listen up, Fartsparkles--

  • Shhhhhhh! After the great Time Catastrophe, I invented

  • the Fartsparkles Time Generator to keep the flow of time pumping, but something is very

  • wrong. The Generator's Core is an artificial intelligence, and it's getting... moody.

  • This is what's known as the Fartsparkles Effect. You probably shouldn't let this guy name everything

  • after himself. [giggles]

  • Look. Is that... us???

  • You cloned us? Gayle, if you wanted my body you could have just--?!

  • Heavens no! Those people are just as much you as you are. We are all of us trapped in

  • a time loop. They are us from exactly five Glendalien minutes ago.

  • Time is overlapping on itself! That means there's another group of us only

  • five minutes behind that group, and then another. Infinite us's!

  • If this keeps up, your planet's gonna have a much undesirable population boom.

  • So you do understand. Perhaps you are not dorks after all. Repair the time loop. Save

  • Glendale! Now put me back in my Time Nap. Pour the slime!!!

  • [splat] [snoring] Let's get to the Generator!

  • I don't want to know what happens if the next group catches up with us!

  • To the Fartsparkles Chamber! Professor Fartsparkles will explain, but first

  • I must wake him from his Time Nap.

  • [electrical crackling] It's the Bravest Warriors! They're dead! They're

  • ALL DEAD! It's us!

  • Gayle's right. It really is us, and we're hecka dead.

  • This must be the group that was just ahead of us in the time loop! We caught up to our

  • future selves. But that means... Sometime in the next five Glendalien minutes,

  • we're all gonna die in this room! Danny, we have to break the cycle!

  • We're locked in! And the Time Generator is out of control!

  • My sweet! I'm filled with regret! All these years, I've been holding on to so much moop!

  • Now it's too late! Gayle? I never stopped loving you!

  • [romantic ballad music] Oh lord. [smooching]

  • You're teaching it the meaning of love! Wallow, smooch harder! SMOOCH HARDER!

  • What is this? What is thiiis?

  • Pixel! You don't understand. You can't have him! Wallow is mine! Pixel, NO! Shut down!

  • Dudes! We're pissing off the big time thing -- mute your glove! Pixel, no! Give me back... my hand!! MINE!


  • Too much emotional pain! Machine can't take it! Beth!

  • [ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! ZAP!]

  • It's the Bravest Warriors! They're dead! They're ALL DEAD!

  • Nope. Dude, I ain't goin in there.

  • Sorry Gayle. You should put some time clams on it, see if it wears itself out. We gotsta

  • book. I'll call you! No he will not.

  • [music]

  • Hangover! Hello I'm Pendleton Ward and you're watching

  • the show that I created, called Bravest Warriors, on Cartoon Hangover.

[singing] BRAVEST WARRIORS!! [siren] We've got a Red Honk!

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Time Slime (Bravest Warriors - Ep. 1 Season 1 On Cartoon Hangover)

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