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  • Balance two matchsticks on a wineglass and challenge your friends to make them fall into

  • the glass, but without touching or blowing on any of the objects. To win the bet, wet

  • your finger, and rub the rim of another wineglass - the note will make the matches fall off.

  • Place a matchstick into the edge of a matchbox like this. Say that you are an amazing archer,

  • and can flick another match across the table and knock the first match over. When you flick

  • the match it will spin as it flies across, and so knock over the upright match.

  • Challenge your friends to draw this symbol but without taking your pen off of the paper.

  • To win the bet, simply fold over the corner of the paper, draw part of the circle like

  • this, the dot in the middle, then unfold the corner and then finish off the rest of the

  • symbol. Place five matchsticks like this to create

  • a horse looking to the right, and challenge your friends to move just one matchstick and

  • make the horse look to the left. To win the bet, move this matchstick and then turn everything

  • around. Tell your friends that you can stop them standing

  • up using just one finger. Then, have them sit on a chair with their feet on the floor

  • and their hands on their lap. When you place your finger on their forehead and lightly

  • put their head back, they won't be able to stand up.

  • Challenge your friends to hold a matchbox like this and drop it on the table so that

  • it lands on its end - they will fail every time. All you need to do is simply push up

  • the drawer a tiny amount, and the matchbox will stand up.

  • Tell your friends that you can place a pin through an inflated balloon without bursting

  • it. When they accept the bet, carefully place the pin through the thick rubber by the knot

  • - it won't burst! Bet your friends that the two of you can stand

  • on either end of a sheet of paper, but your friend won't be able to touch you. To win

  • the bet, place the paper in a doorframe, have your friend stand on one end, close the door

  • and you stand on the other end. On the last video there was a secret bet,

  • hardly anyone found it, so here it is. You'll need a belt where you can tell the difference

  • between the inside and the outside. Fold the belt in half and roll it up like this. Explain

  • to your friend that they have to place their finger into one of the centre loops so that

  • the belt is caught on their finger when it's pulled away. If they choose the loop formed

  • by the outside of the belt just pull the belt away normally. If they choose the loop formed

  • by the inside of the belt then just move this part of the belt around and then pull it away.

  • Either way, you win the bet. Pour some water in a paper cup. Next, stand

  • on a chair, place the cup against the ceiling, put a broom against the bottom the cup, and

  • bet your friends that they can't hold the cup against the ceiling with the broom. When

  • they accept the bet, just walk away and take the chair. You will lose the bet, but they

  • can't escape without pouring the water over themselves.

  • But be careful because they might not be very happy.

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Balance two matchsticks on a wineglass and challenge your friends to make them fall into

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