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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 330. The title today's lesson is to

  • have hold or throw a party, not make or celebrate a party. So again we can say

  • any of those three are okay. You have a party, you throw a party, actually throw a

  • party I think is really the most common one. But you have a party you can hold

  • a party. It sounds a little bit more formal but we use that as well, very

  • common. Make a party. Make a party sounds a little weird.

  • We don't usually say that and ' make' would be really closer to the idea of like a

  • arrange a party or set up a party. We might say that if we're talking about

  • organizing the party. But a lot of students might make the mistake by using

  • make, just like we would use to have, or to hold it, to throw. You shouldn't say

  • that. But we don't usually say make a party and celebrate a party also sounds

  • a little weird. Even though, we might celebrate, we don't really celebrate the

  • party, we usually celebrate the event. So you celebrate somebody's birthday or you

  • celebrate somebody's anniversary. You usually celebrate the event and not the

  • party. The party is what you do to celebrate. So we don't usually say that

  • we celebrate a party. Okay. Anyway, let's continue. Let's , let's look at some

  • examples here. Again with the X. This is wrong.

  • We are going to make a party for Bill on Saturday. No. You shouldn't say that. You

  • should say we're going to throw a party for Bill on Saturday. Of course , you could use

  • the other two too. You could have said hold or have a party. They'd both be fine. Again with the X

  • this is wrong here. We are going to celebrate a party at Jill's house on

  • Friday. No. This ... you know, again you're not celebrating the party you're

  • celebrating some event. You're having a party to celebrate. So what you should

  • say here is we are going to hold a party. So again, with the check. This is correct.

  • A party at Jill's house on Friday or on Friday night. And the last one we have

  • here. Again the X this is wrong. His company made a

  • going-away party for him. No. His company had a going-away party for him. Anyway

  • I hope you got it. I hope it's clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 330. The title today's lesson is to

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English Tutor Nick P Lesson (330) Have Hold or Throw a party Not Make or Celebrate

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