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  • Squidward!

  • Oh, Squidward!

  • Squidward!

  • Well, he's not here.

  • I bet that eager beaver is already down at Jellyfish Fields.

  • Ah-ha! They've finally gone.

  • What the-- Locked? Oh, no.

  • Well, someone will realize I'm gone and come looking for me.

  • I'll be out of here in no time.

  • Holy Krabby Patties!

  • A frozen cephalopod!

  • [screaming]

  • I'll be out of here in no time.

  • Greetings, primitive.

  • Sp-- SpongeBob?

  • Is that you?

  • SpongeBob?

  • No, I am SpongeTron.

  • Welcome to the future.

  • - What? - Welcome to the future.

  • Future!

  • Holy sea cow, SpongeBob.

  • This must be the control room.

  • Yeah, just don't touch anything.

  • Look, I'm winning!

  • Patrick, cut that out!

  • Patrick, come on.

  • We can't hang around in here.

  • This is Sandy's big rocket, not some kind of fun... house.

  • Woohoo, winner! Yeah, high score!

  • Say Patrick, what game was that anyway?

  • I don't know, but let's see what this does.

  • Patrick, I don't think we should--

  • I like rockets.

  • [yelling]

  • More! More!

  • No more!

  • [yelling]

  • OK, one more.

  • [yelling]

  • - OK, that's enough, let's go. - Wait.

  • - I think this one starts it-- - Patrick, what are you doing?

  • I'm the space traveler here.

  • And I happen to know that that particular button is

  • right over here.

  • [engine roaring]

  • You started the rocket!

  • Oh... SpongeBob.

  • [screaming]

  • Hang on, buddy!

  • [screaming]

  • Hey, we stopped falling.

  • Look, we're in space now.

  • Wee!

  • [moaning]

  • Hey, somebody get me down, or up or something!

  • [laughing]

  • Ha, hey SpongeBob, watch this.

  • Hey! You got your tooth paste in my peanut butter!

  • [laughing]

  • Uh-oh, we've got space junk!

  • Everybody, back in your seats. Trays in upright position.

  • Head between your knees. Your mama can't save you now!

  • [moaning]

  • [alarm ringing]

  • Hi-ya!

  • [cheering]

  • We've still got a few astro-belts to get through.

  • Brace yourself for the cold belt.

  • [teeth chattering]

  • [humming]

  • [laughing]

  • Next up, we got a hot belt!

  • Patty melt.

  • Huh? We're going through the radiation belt!

  • That could cause mutations!

  • Everybody, get under your lead blankets.

  • Mutations? I must protect my beautiful face!

  • [laughing]

  • Aw.


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2,000 Years Later: Mashup of the Future! | #TBT | SpongeBob

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