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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Proverbs 89. The proverb today is 'clothes

  • make the man. " Okay . Let's take a look the note here. This proverb basically is

  • telling you that the way you dress will tell people things about you and in turn

  • will form their opinions about you. Thus if you dress up in more formal or

  • stylish clothes people will often have a higher opinion of you. All right. Let's

  • continue. They say this idea may have originally

  • come from a Greek expression that translated as the garment makes the man. All right. That makes sense . That's pretty close. Garment is already just

  • letting you know on the type of material. There is also a quote by Shakespeare. So

  • Shakespeare is on record also using the same quote in Hamlet. Hamlet you know one

  • of my favorite Shakespeare plays ,That, that reads this way. You know c'lothes

  • maketh the man..' Remember that's Old English. maketh also means makes. So

  • that's that's a literal translation as well. Let's, let's continue here. A

  • Catholic priest named Aramis published a book of old Greek and Roman proverbs in

  • 1500. So this is the one that probably everybody copied from that a later came

  • to what we get today the recorded quote by Aramis was in Latin and in Latin it

  • read this way, vestis virum facit. basically or facit, which also means the

  • clothes make the man. So it comes directly from that. and you know Mark Twain's

  • even in here. Mark Twain later, later added this quote.

  • "Clothes make the man make , naked people have little or no influence on

  • society" So he's just adding a little joke or a little humor to the idea. So

  • obviously he didn't create it. and you know the ones before didn't

  • created it . We don't really know a hundred percent who was the first one to say

  • this week probably was just an old Greek proverb that was passed down. And

  • everybody else here probably kind of copied it and went along with it.

  • All right . Let's continue. The proverb still seems to be true today as we see

  • businessmen and politicians will all will always you know dress up in their

  • best formal clothes , and even actors display this at Academy Awards. And of

  • course you know you might want to look good on dates as well. So know let me

  • know what you think. You put in the comments.

  • Is this still true today ? Do close still make the mad or maybe it doesn't matter

  • anymore. Anyway. I hope you got it . I hoe i it was clear . Thank you

  • for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Proverbs 89. The proverb today is 'clothes

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English Tutor Nick P Proverbs (89) Clothes Make the Man

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