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  • Hi guys, hope you're well.

  • So let me give you an amazing breakfast that is delicious, nutritious and you're gonna love.

  • We are going to make beautiful chocolate bircher.

  • Get an apple, a big ol'bowl, a box grater and have a little grate up.

  • And you can grate the whole thing.

  • Don't take the skin off, that's where a lot of the pectin is at.

  • And then I'm gonna use a pear as well.

  • I wanna take an orange, slice it up straight over your apple and pears.

  • And that's not only gonna add amazing flavour but the vitamin C and the acid in that are gonna stop any of this discolouring.

  • Then, of course, the classic; porridge oats go on top.

  • And that energy is gonna slow burn until lunchtime.

  • So two hefty tablespoons of cocoa goes into the liquidiser.

  • I'm gonna go in with a banana.

  • Alright again really really good for you!

  • Fantastic for potassium, it's sweet, it's delicious.

  • 600mls of milk, waz this up.

  • So look basically what we've made is a smoothie.

  • And that bitterness from the cocoa has now been balanced with natural sugar from the banana.

  • And of course, with the porridge oats that energy slowly released.

  • And I've got one last little ingredient to add; the Medjool dates.

  • But actually, if we chop these up, right, they release their sugar slower and also they're really chewy and delicious and a nice little surprise when you eat it.

  • So I'll stir that in and this will be ready in like five hours.

  • It will just suck up all the moisture.

  • That will happily sit in the fridge for a couple of days.

  • Easy-peasy!

  • If it lasts that long so just wrap it up with cling film, squeeze the air out, give it a seal.

  • There's no need to do that topping, just feel good.

  • So let's get that in the fridge.

  • Tomorrow this will be amazing.

  • So this has been soaking overnight and this will be good for a couple of days in the fridge.

  • But it won't last that long.

  • You can see that it's thickened up so a nice little spoon like that is beautiful, a little handful of hazelnuts.

  • Of course you could use any nut you like but I really love hazelnuts and chocolate - you know why.

  • I've the seeds, let's just get those sprinkled in just mix seeds and just bash it up.

  • So I really love to add some nuts and seeds and again this just makes it even more healthy.

  • Whatever fruit is in season, just fill your boots and have a go.

  • We've got the apple and pear in there already, but of course whether the frozen or fresh, these berries are really, really fun to have with a bircher.

  • And then if you want to you can add a little bit of Greek yoghurt and this is beautiful, let's have a little try.

  • It is so good!

  • So really nice start to the day, it feels really indulgent.

  • But of course this bowl is full of goodness!

  • So what you're waiting for?

  • Get those oats, get whizzing and get making your bircher.

  • Take care.

Hi guys, hope you're well.

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