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  • Then you must let me help you, son.

  • I'll tell her, because I love her, too.

  • Don't touch me!

  • Please believe me.

  • Dane's mind was made up long before I arrived.

  • I believe you!

  • Don't you think I don't know you're just here to collect for what I stole!

  • - I don't understand. - No, you wouldn't.

  • But understanding's beside the point for you men of God, isn't it?

  • Faith! That's the great thing!

  • Let me tell you, Ralph...

  • I've got more faith than you and Dane and all the heavenly host combined...

  • because God has never failed me!

  • He's always there to take away whatever happiness I've got!

  • Dane isn't being taken from you. He is simply doing what he must.

  • Can't you see what this is costing him?

  • He loves you so much.

  • But, Ralph...

  • - He loves God more! - Meggie, stop it!

  • When I became a priest...

  • my mother swore she'd never forgive me...

  • and she never did.

  • Don't do that to Dane, Meggie.

  • Then take him.

  • If I must give him up, let it be to you.

  • Take him?

  • Yes.

  • When he finishes his schooling this spring...

  • I'll send him to you in Rome where you can look after him.

  • Keep him safe...

  • and promise me...

  • that if he should ever wish it, you'll send him back...

  • because he belonged to me first.

  • You don't have to do this.

  • He can be settled in a seminary in Sydney, where you can be near to him.

  • You know it takes years to prepare for the priesthood.

  • No, Ralph.

  • Your God wants reparation.

  • Very well.

  • Let Dane go to you...

  • and then I'll have nothing more to repay.

  • I will have given everything...

  • that I ever had or loved in my whole life.

  • Surely even God can't ask for more than that.

  • I'm so sorry.

  • - Please forgive me. - I didn't want to hurt you.

Then you must let me help you, son.

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The Thorn Birds Scenes - 41. Together

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    TK posted on 2019/04/23
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