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  • (suspenseful music)

  • - It is a happy marriage for Elizabeth and George.

  • It's just really nice to find that love between them.

  • Surely the starving poor should be thanking you.

  • London for Elizabeth and George was

  • the sort of height of everything, really.

  • Both of them as a couple could sort of finally utilize

  • their skills and their connections.

  • I think it's where they belong

  • and where they're the happiest.

  • Jeffrey Charles gets up to all kinds of things

  • in this series and I think I think she's very grateful

  • for Ross' help.

  • - Do I look dreadful?

  • - [Heida] Francis isn't around anymore.

  • - Goodnight.

  • - Ross is sort of like a second father to him.

  • Where is he?

  • - Returned to Harrow.

  • - [Heida] Elizabeth and Ross develop this mutual friendship.

  • Are you quite sure he was gambling?

  • - I myself discharged the debt.

  • - It's lovely and they've really come out

  • the other end of all the things

  • that they've been through together.

  • There are so many elements to why I enjoy playing Elizabeth.

  • I've been lucky enough for her to be

  • a very three dimensional character on the page already.

  • She's just a girl when we start making

  • really grownup decisions.

  • - He does not hold with interference

  • from those who think they know better.

  • - Myself?

  • In your case.

  • And Morwenna's.

  • I don't necessarily think

  • she always likes herself very much.

  • And Caroline's.

  • Drinking problem and sedating herself

  • because of some of the things that she's had to do.

  • Or some of the situations she's unfortunately

  • gotten herself into.

  • How different might so many lives have been

  • without such interference?

  • - Hello Mama.

  • It really always comes down to her children

  • and her securities.

  • - Good day Uncle George.

  • - [Heida] So it's always about just trying to

  • keep her children safe. - Shall we go for a canter?

  • - [Heida] And for their futures to be good.

(suspenseful music)

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Poldark Season 4 Elizabeth Warleggan

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