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  • It is Albert's destiny to marry Victoria.

  • I'm not sure Victoria agrees.

  • I don't want a stupid boy like Albert, mama!

  • Victoria is...impossible.

  • Albert and I are not suited.

  • Victoria and I are not suited.

  • This marriage is convenient to everyone except us.

  • Yes, but you like her, Albert. I know that you do. And she likes you too.

  • Do you think the prince handsome?

  • Yes.

  • The prince is very handsome.

  • Pity he never smiles.

  • Will you marry me?

  • I wonder if he can.

  • For me this is not a marriage of convenience.

  • No.

  • I think it would be a marriage of incovenience.

  • Did you see the way he looked at me?

  • He's such...

  • Prig!

  • Victoria.

  • Albert.

  • I like to see you unbound

  • not so much a queen.

  • I think that might be treason.

  • Oh, you're teasing me.

  • Albert!

  • I will miss you so much.

  • Even in my dreams I never imagined I should find so much love on earth.

  • My Victoria...

  • The only person I want to please

  • is you.

  • I'd like to see you try!

  • Why does the allowance mean so much to you?

  • Is it so that you can keep a mistress?

  • Is that what you think of me, Victoria?

  • How can you be so foolish?

  • The only woman I want

  • is you.

  • It wil always be you.

  • My desire for you will never fade.

  • You are with child?

  • I'm afraid...

  • No...

  • A love like ours can burn down a city.

  • You are my queen.

It is Albert's destiny to marry Victoria.

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Victoria & Albert | With or without you

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