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  • (laughing)

  • - Go on. Go on, I'm ready now.

  • - So Tom, "What is an aspect of the 1840s style

  • you would like to bring into the modern day?"

  • - The high-waisted trousers are fantastic,

  • they should absolutely 100% be brought back.

  • They are the most comfortable thing in the world.

  • - I love a lot of the high-neck collars.

  • - Jane, hello Jane. Jane has asked us both,

  • "What's the most helpful part of your costume

  • for getting into character?"

  • - For me, I love it when her jewelry is all really simple.

  • That, to me, feels like Victoria at home in her day wear,

  • where she has got like, the cameos and the very simple

  • kind of, more stripped back Victoria

  • - For me, the whole thing really, but if there was one bit

  • it's the stock that you tie around your neck.

  • - Okay, Sam asks us, "If you weren't playing Victoria

  • and Albert, what other characters in 'Victoria'

  • would you be interested in playing?"

  • - Oo, good question Sam.

  • - Do you want to go first?

  • - No.

  • - Okay. Francatelli.

  • It's just a great name. A great name.

  • You learn how to cook.

  • You'd be great at whisking eggs.

  • - You get lots of cooking puns.

  • - So you get to wear a chef's outfit,

  • that would break up the monotony of just

  • wearing, you know, coats and waistcoats.

  • - You get to work with chocolate like all the time.

  • Who would I play, maybe Ada Lovelace.

  • A real, incredible lady.

  • Or, can I play a man?

  • - Yeah

  • - Maybe Peel. I think I'd like Sir Robert Peel.

  • I think he's very,

  • I think Nigel plays him very well-observed

  • and there's some incredible quotes from Victoria

  • talking about him, like he's got really funny mannerisms

  • and funny ticks and things like that,

  • so I think he's quite an interesting character.

  • - Cynthia wants to know, "What did you learn about Victoria

  • and Albert during Season One you were unaware of

  • prior to starring in this series?"

  • - I learned some really cool information actually, that

  • Victoria wrote to the Elephant Man every year,

  • which I really loved.

  • Also, she was obsessed with Jack the Ripper

  • and tried to find out who the killer was

  • and she was like writing letters to loads of people

  • saying things like, "Have you thought about looking

  • in this place or this place?"

  • - Me? So much, is the honest answer.

  • An unbelievable amount.

  • He wasn't the best dancer when he was a teenager.

  • - He was a bad hunter.

  • - This is true, you can answer my question.

  • - When we went to Blair Atholl they kind of,

  • all the people that were working there and kindly hosted us,

  • had lots of anecdotes that had been passed down through the

  • generations about how Albert was basically a very terrible

  • hunter but he'd go out every day,

  • and actually if you read Victoria's diaries it's all

  • Albert arrived home, no luck, no luck.

  • And did they fake it so he could win a stag or something?

  • - No, he went out with a guy who everyday would come back

  • and tell everyone that he had done very well when actually

  • he probably wasn't doing great, no.

  • And then he gave him a 50 pound tip at the end.

  • Which would have been a lot of money in those days.


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Victoria, Season 2: Cast Takes Fan Questions

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