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  • - [Albert] Christmas is a time when a family

  • ought to be together and it is a time

  • of peace and goodwill.

  • It was great to film, difficult to film

  • the Christmas episode when it's

  • in the middle of July in England.

  • Not the easiest thing in the world.

  • Fake snow a-plenty.

  • (children shriek)

  • - [Child] Faster! Faster!

  • - We are introduced to Christmas trees,

  • which Victoria finds quite extraordinary

  • that you would bring the forest inside the house.

  • - [Albert] This tree shall be suspended by its trunk

  • from the center of the ceiling.

  • - Such extravagance.

  • In my day we were perfectly happy with an orange.

  • - [Jenna] All sorts of traditions,

  • Christmas crackers, I think the Christmas carols,

  • which we still know today and sing today.

  • - [Albert] Are you familiar with these English carols?

  • - [Albert] I like them very, very much.

  • - It's very interesting. Christmas cards for example,

  • you just kind of see Christmas being invented

  • before it was actually Christmas.

  • - [Albert] Have you seen this?

  • It is a card depicting Christmas scenes.

  • It gives it that validation if you like

  • and a connection, an immediate connection

  • with Christmas time.

  • And then within that,

  • it can't just be a historical documentary.

  • It needs to have drama in there as well.

  • There are stories that happen

  • within the Christmas episode that are absolutely true.

  • I hope people enjoy it.

  • I enjoyed making it a lot because

  • who doesn't like Christmas?

  • - [Victoria] Merry Christmas, my angel.

  • (soft music)

- [Albert] Christmas is a time when a family

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Victoria, Season 2: A Victoria Christmas

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    TK posted on 2019/04/23
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