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  • It's AumSum Time.

  • Why do we breathe through one nostril?

  • No idea.

  • Our nostrils have specialized tissues.

  • At a given time, these tissues are swollen in one nostril while they are shrunk in the other.

  • Hence, when we breathe, air passes easily through the nostril in which the tissues are shrunk.

  • However, due to the swelling, very less amount of air slowly passes through the other nostril.

  • Thus, it seems as if we breathing through one nostril only.

  • However, after sometime, the swelling and shrinking in the nostrils reverses.

  • This breathing pattern is called nasal cycle.

  • Nasal cycle is beneficial for us.

  • But how?

  • Some odors are detected better in fast-moving air, while others in slow-moving air.

  • Thus, with fast moving air in one nostril and slow moving air in the other.

  • Our nose can detect a greater range of smells.

  • Besides this, our nostrils are moist.

  • Continues breathing can make them dry.

  • Hence, when we breathe through one nostril, the other nostril gets time to become moist again.

It's AumSum Time.

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Why do we breathe through one nostril? | #aumsum

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    AumSum posted on 2019/04/18
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